From the #1 best seller Circe, a reimagining of the formidable sorceress of The Odyssey, to Maid, a memoir that spotlights America’s class divide and serves as the basis of a Netflix limited series, Kindle Unlimited has added even more incredible titles to the catalog. The latest additions also include “one of the best thrillers of the year,” The Soulmate, as well as The Teacher, a chilling tale by the author who wrote one of Kindle Unlimited’s most popular books, The Housemaid.
Kindle Unlimited is available on any device via the free Kindle app. Customers can enjoy popular authors and best-selling books across genres, from mystery and romance to nonfiction and memoir. Here are some must-read titles available in Kindle Unlimited.


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In this #1 New York Times best seller, Circe is exiled to a desert island when her power becomes a threat to Zeus. On the island, Circe refines her occult craft and crosses paths with famous figures like the Minotaur, Medea, and Odysseus. But her solitary island life means she doesn’t belong in the realm of men or gods, and when her security is threatened, she must choose which world she wants to join. If you enjoy this book, consider reading Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles, also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Before I Let Go

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This book was singled out as a best book of the year by Good Morning America, NPR, and Entertainment Weekly. Husband and wife Josiah and Yasmen Wade have recently been dealt several life blows, and their marriage becomes a victim. But just as they settle into a new routine co-parenting their kids and running a successful business, they begin to question whether they should have called it quits. This Could Be Us, the second book in this series, also recently published.


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Chosen for Barack Obama’s Summer Reading List and the inspiration for a Netflix limited series, Maid is a searing memoir. An unplanned pregnancy derails Stephanie Land’s dreams of attending college and becoming a writer. Instead, she struggles to support herself and her daughter by cleaning houses during the day and taking online classes at night. This story serves as an uplifting example of the bravery, resolve, and resilience that lies within the human spirit.


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This Read With Jenna book club pick follows the life of Maddie, a young Black woman based in London. She shoulders the responsibility of being the primary caretaker for her father, whose battle with advanced Parkinson's disease is a constant uphill struggle. When her mother returns from one of her frequent sojourns in Ghana, Maddie seizes the opportunity to spread her wings and move out. However, a tragic turn of events forces Maddie to confront the dynamics of her unconventional family, and ponder whether or not she wants to open her heart to new experiences.

The Collapsing Empire

And all the books in the series
by John Scalzi
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The strength of the galactic empire called the Interdependency rests on its ability to easily move from planet to planet via The Flow, a method for traveling faster than light. But when scientists discover that The Flow could soon disappear, the gloves come off in a full-on fight for domination of the empire’s remnants. Legendary—and legendarily funny—sci-fi author John Scalzi delivers a rip-roaring adventure of a civilization that might need to be destroyed before it can thrive again. Read all three books in the trilogy, including The Consuming Fireand The Last Emperox, in Kindle Unlimited.

All the Dangerous Things

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Isabelle Drake lost her son, Mason, a year ago when he was stolen from his crib. The police case quickly goes cold, but Isabelle relentlessly continues to search for him. Desperate to uncover a new lead or unearth a buried clue, Isabelle agrees to be interviewed by a true-crime podcaster. But she quickly grows uncomfortable around him, and begins to question her memories from the night of Mason’s kidnapping.

The Soulmate

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Hailed as “one of the best thrillers of the year” by The New York Times, this novel follows married couple Gabe and Pippa Gerard. Their idyllic cottage rests on a cliff in a small coastal neighborhood, but when the surrounding cliffs start to become an attraction for those contemplating ending their lives, the Gerards’ world begins to unravel.


And all the books in the series
by Colleen Hoover
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Not long after 18-year-old Layken and 21-year-old Will’s heart-pounding first date, they uncover a shocking discovery that leaves their relationship in ruins. Only through their shared love of poetry are they able to communicate to one another about what is truly in their hearts and possible future. Binge-read the rest in this series, including Point of Retreat and This Girl, also available in Kindle Unlimited.

The Teacher

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Eve, a math teacher at Caseham High, lived a fairly normal life. But everything changes when a student-teacher affair is discovered in her school. Written by The New York Times best-selling author of The Housemaid (also available in Kindle Unlimited), this book is a frightening story of concealed truths and retribution.

Daughter of the Moon Goddess

Plus the final book in this duology
by Sue Lynn Tan
An image of the book cover of 'Daughter of the Moon Goddess.'
This enchanting debut fantasy draws inspiration from the Chinese myth of Chang'e, the moon goddess. When Xingyin seeks to rescue her exiled mother, she puts herself in conflict with the realm's most formidable immortal being, the Celestial Emperor. And get ready to dive into the second book in the duology, Heart of the Sun Warrior, also available in Kindle Unlimited.
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