Kindle Vella, Amazon’s mobile-first reading experience for bite-sized fiction, is free for Prime Student members now through August 29. Kindle Vella is a way to read serialized books, episode by episode, right from a phone, tablet, or computer. Readers can dive into genres like romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. They also play a part in the storytelling adventure by giving authors a thumbs-up when they nail a chapter, and chiming in with polls and comments to influence what happens next. It's reading made interactive.
Every Kindle Vella story offers the first 10 “episodes” for free. To read beyond that, customers purchase tokens on the site, which can then be used to unlock additional episodes. Through August 29, existing Prime Student members can visit Kindle Vella online or in the Kindle app (iOS, Android, Fire) and start reading for free right away, no tokens required. Members can start their reading journey at any point during this trial offer, and customers who want to join Prime Student can sign up on the Prime Student website. Free reading with Kindle Vella adds to the savings, convenience, entertainment, and additional benefits that Prime Student members have access to year-round—all at 50% of the cost of a regular Prime membership.
"We're excited to offer Prime Student members free access to Kindle Vella's ever-expanding library," said Virginia Milner, senior manager of Kindle Vella. "Kindle Vella makes it easy for students to tap into quick, entertaining reads whenever they want, no matter where they are."
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With new stories published on Kindle Vella daily, students will always have something fresh to read, in addition to the thousands of stories already available.

Below are a few examples of the most popular stories on the platform.
An image of the cover of 'Death by Punchline' with a blue background.
“Charlie Banks is a small-town girl who is proof that timing is everything. While her life has been anything but funny, she finds comfort on stage at Comedy Corner. When her fiancé runs for political office, she must strike a balance between her two worlds. That balance gets disrupted after a dead body turns up and she discovers that maybe laughs weren't the only thing generated at the club.”
An image of the cover of 'The City: S1 Origins' with a yellow background.
“A megacity divided by avarice. At the top, a fascist Utopia. In the middle, a communal anarchy. At the bottom, a struggle to survive, never knowing the sun. When a terrorist plot brings all of these worlds together, all will fight for the future where light meets dark.”
An image of the cover of 'Mandrake Manor: A LGBT Cozy Suburban Fantasy' by JP Rindfleisch IX with a purple background.
“For nearly 300 years, descendants of the Mandrake family have kept the community of Henbane Hollow hidden from the mundane world. Now, Mathias Mandrake has inherited the family manor with no clue about his family's past. He and his two friends must navigate a new world of magical beings, hellbent HOA board members, and budding relationships while they are tested as the new guardians. Can they juggle it all, or will they risk the world discovering Henbane Hollow so they can live a normal life?”
An image of the cover of 'Block in the Back.'
“Kyle Robbins: Seattle's rookie tight end and the first boy to break my heart. Oh, did I mention he's also my new client ... and fake boyfriend? The commission from working with him is a key to my new life—it’s worth putting up with the cocky athlete. The problem is that my past is dark, and when Kyle sees the bruises, he thinks he can save me. Fake-dating each other was supposed to be for my safety. But I can't help thinking my heart is more at risk now than ever before.”
An image of a book cover of 'Covert Hearts' with a pink background.
“Samantha Harthorne is a lonely girl running from her living nightmare. Desperate, she disguises herself and sneaks into an all-boys boarding school. Enter the Sierra Team, the youngest recruits in FBI history. One assignment stands between them and field agent status: infiltrate Weston Academy, where rumors of unsavory activities threaten the school's pristine reputation. The problem? Their behavior analyst is assigned a new roommate: Sam Hart.”
An image of a book cover of 'Shadowglen: Witches & Wolves' with a yellow background.
“Fifteen years apart, but we never forgot each other. Kace Silverwood is dangerous. He's got more secrets than I can count, and there's a good reason he keeps pushing me away. But every time I'm in trouble, he's always there to save me. Will the secrets between us tear us apart, or can we finally be together?”
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