The results of four major annual reputational rankings have been released—and Amazon ranked at or near the top in each of them. The Harvard CAPs Harris Poll, Morning Consult Most Trusted Brands list, the Axios Harris Poll, and Boston Consulting Group’s Most Innovative Companies report released rankings that look at various factors that make up a company’s overall reputation—favorability, trustworthiness, visibility, and innovation.

In the Harvard CAPs Harris Poll, Amazon ranks as the most favorable institution, ahead of all other companies and government institutions, including the U.S. military. In the Morning Consult list, Amazon ranks No. 3 among the most trusted brands in the U.S. and No. 1 among tech brands. In the Axios Harris Poll, which looks at the 100 most visible companies among American consumers, Amazon is No. 8, marking its 15th consecutive Top 10 ranking. In Boston Consulting Group’s annual Most Innovative Companies report, Amazon ranks No. 3.

Here’s what to know about each ranking.

Harvard CAPs Harris Poll
The Harvard CAPs Harris Poll was conducted online within the U.S. in May among 2,004 registered voters. Amazon had a 78% net favorable score, ahead of all other companies and government institutions, including the U.S. military.

Morning Consult Most Trusted Brands
To form these rankings, Morning Consult Brand Intelligence asks thousands of consumers every day about thousands of brands around the world. The rankings are based on net trust—the share of consumers that trust a brand, minus the share that say they distrust a brand. This ranking was more robust this year with the inclusion of more industries. Amazon was the No. 3 most trusted brand in the U.S. and No. 1 among tech brands.

Axios Harris Poll
The Axios Harris Poll is based on a survey of 16,310 Americans in a nationally representative sample. The process starts by surveying the public’s top-of-mind awareness of companies that either excel or falter in society. These 100 “most visible companies” are then rated by a second group of Americans across seven dimensions of reputation to determine the ranking. Amazon ranked No. 8, which was the company’s 15th consecutive Top 10 ranking.

Boston Consulting Group
This report looks at what innovation-ready leaders are doing to pull ahead. What are the companies that are ready to develop product, process, and business model innovations that can deliver sustainable impact? Boston Consulting Group (BCG) looked at companies that consistently delivered new products, entered new markets, and established new revenue streams. Amazon ranked No. 3.

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