Today, Amazon joined President Biden and leaders across government and industry to commit to continue promoting the safe, secure, and transparent development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that benefits society.
The White House met with leading AI companies to identify commitments related to the safe and responsible development of future generative AI models that are overall more powerful than any currently released foundation models (FMs). These commitments build on Amazon’s approach to responsible and secure AI development, and they will help pave the way for a future that enhances the benefits of AI and minimizes its risks. As part of this engagement, Amazon welcomes the following voluntary commitments to:
  1. Commit to internal and external adversarial-style testing (also known as "red-teaming") of models or systems in areas including misuse, societal risks, and national security concerns, such as bio, cyber, and other safety areas.
  2. Work toward information sharing among companies and governments regarding trust and safety risks, dangerous or emergent capabilities, and attempts to circumvent safeguards.
  3. Develop and deploy mechanisms that enable users to determine if audio or visual content is AI-generated, including robust provenance, watermarking, or both, for AI-generated audio or visual content.
  4. Invest in cybersecurity and insider threat safeguards to protect proprietary and unreleased model weights.
  5. Incentivize third-party discovery and reporting of issues and vulnerabilities.
  6. Publicly report model or system capabilities, limitations, and domains of appropriate and inappropriate use, including discussion of societal risks, such as effects on fairness and bias.
  7. Prioritize research on societal risks posed by AI systems, including on avoiding harmful bias and discrimination, and protecting privacy.
  8. Develop and deploy frontier AI systems to help address society’s greatest challenges.
At Amazon, we are committed to continued collaboration with the White House, policymakers, the technology industry, researchers, and the AI community to advance the responsible and secure use of AI. As one of the world’s leading developers and deployers of AI tools and services, Amazon supports these voluntary commitments to foster the development of AI that is safe, responsible, and trustworthy. We are dedicated to driving innovation on behalf of our customers while also establishing and implementing the necessary safeguards to protect consumers and customers.
The White House commitments are forward-looking and are aligned with Amazon’s approach to responsible and secure AI development. Amazon builds AI with responsibility in mind at each stage of our comprehensive development process. Throughout design, development, deployment, and operations we consider a range of factors including accuracy, fairness, appropriate usage, toxicity, security, safety, and privacy. For all of our FMs, we continually work to improve our features and learn from customers as they experiment with new use cases.
Responsible use of AI technologies is key to fostering continued innovation, and Amazon is committed to developing fair and accurate AI services. For example, Amazon CodeWhisperer is the only AI coding companion with built-in security scanning for finding and suggesting remediations for hard-to-detect vulnerabilities. On intellectual property, it uniquely provides source code provenance analysis and indicates which open source licensing models may be applicable to generated code. Amazon’s Titan family of foundation models is also built to detect and remove harmful content in the data that customers provide for customization, reject inappropriate content in the user input, and filter the model’s outputs containing inappropriate content such as hate speech, profanity, and violence. And Amazon SageMaker Clarify detects and measures potential bias using a variety of metrics so developers can address potential bias and explain model predictions.
We are also committed to providing customers with tools and resources to develop and use AI responsibly. For example, at our re:Invent 2022 conference, we announced the launch of AWS AI Service Cards, a transparency resource to help customers better understand our AWS AI services. The AI Service Cards deliver a form of responsible AI documentation that provide customers with a single place to find information on the intended use cases and limitations, responsible AI design choices, and deployment and performance optimization best practices for our AI services.
The voluntary commitments also emphasize the important role security plays in responsible AI. Security is a top priority for Amazon and is foundational in how we design our AI products and services. All of our services go through rigorous security testing, and we maintain strict physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect our systems. We work closely with the security community to further harden our products and systems, including making it easy to report vulnerabilities.
As one of the most transformational technologies of our generation, AI provides opportunities to be a force for good. We look forward to creating innovations for and with our customers to realize the benefits of AI, as well as continuing our partnership with the White House to deliver on our shared commitments.