The demand for health and safety products needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as support those already affected, continues to outpace supply. Hospitals, senior living facilities, nonprofit health organizations and governments at the federal, state and city level that are on the front lines of the pandemic asked for Amazon’s help with their supply shortages.
In response, Amazon Business created COVID-19 Supplies in the United States to ensure that health and safety products such as facial shields, surgical masks, ventilators, digital thermometers, exam gloves, medical gowns, sanitizers and wipes go directly to those with the most urgent need. Supplies have been sent to over half of the top-100 hospital systems in the country and to 44 of the 50 state governments. More than 13,000 healthcare providers and 7,000 government organizations have been able to leverage COVID-19 Supplies since it launched on March 31. With “Free Priority Delivery” offered as the default shipping option at checkout, eligible items get the fastest available shipping speed, sometimes as soon as the next business day.

Since the launch of

COVID-19 Supplies

on March 31, Amazon Business has delivered over 100 million essential health and safety products to tens of thousands of locations across the U.S., including pandemic hotspots like New York City and rural counties not served by traditional suppliers.

COVID-19 Supplies, which has expanded to Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India, is a service for communities and does not make a profit. All standard referral fees for third-party sellers that are supplying products for this effort have been waived. During this time of unprecedented demand, Amazon’s global supplier network and fulfillment expertise have enabled the delivery of PPE and other critical supplies to those on the front lines.
“We’re using our expertise and resources to find, distribute, and deliver these vital products to help alleviate the supply shortages affecting those on the front lines,” said Alexandre Gagnon, Vice President of Amazon Business Worldwide. “I’m proud of our teams who have engaged with thousands of new manufacturers and suppliers around the world to source products for this effort. We’re humbled by the trust customers have placed in us during this difficult time, and we’ll continue working to meet the needs of those on the front lines."
The early efforts of Amazon Business have resulted in the delivery of over 100 million essential health and safety products to healthcare and government organizations in tens of thousands of locations across the United States, including pandemic hotspots like New York City and rural counties not served by traditional suppliers. Following is a sampling of positive feedback from customers on the front lines:
  • “Supplies of PPE are in short supply and having a partner like Amazon Business help meet the PPE needs of our front-line operators will enhance our operational effectiveness as we respond to this crisis," said Robert Taylor, Assistant Director of Financial Management at the United States Department of Homeland Security.
  • “The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services appreciates the lengths Amazon Business has taken to provide a portal that government agencies can use to seek needed supplies during the COVID-19 response," said Jamie Rossman, Assistant Director of Contracts & Procurement at Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. "We’ve sourced 60,000 respirator and medical masks and 1.6 million gloves through the portal so far to help the citizens of Washington State."
  • "Our team is in full force preparing and responding to this extraordinary crisis. There is so much we will need to tackle in the days, weeks and months ahead – for our patients and their families, for our community and for our care providers and other critical staff who are working so tirelessly to stem the tide," said Julie S. Butler, Vice President at the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Maryland. "Amazon Business’ support to provide critical supplies is a bright light in this time of crisis."
The launch of COVID-19 Supplies is one of many efforts by Amazon Business to help during this global pandemic. Learn more about how Los Angeles Unified, the second largest school district in the United States, also turned to Amazon Business for help with supporting parents, students and faculty during their urgent transition from in-person instruction to remote learning.