Alexa and Xbox fans in the U.S. can now use the new Xbox Skill for Alexa, available as part of the October 2018 Xbox Update. The skill gives customers the ability to navigate and interact with Xbox using just their voice, with Alexa-enabled devices. Customers can use Alexa to power on/off the console, adjust volume, launch games and apps, start and stop broadcasts on Mixer, capture screenshots, and more.
Just say, “Alexa, open Xbox” or enable the Xbox Skill via the Alexa App, and then say, “Alexa, open Fortnite” which will turn on the console, sig into your account, and launch Fortnite. Or try simple commands like “Alexa, pause,” or “Alexa, power off.”
This integration involves deep AI, large amounts of computing power, and advanced speech science to bring to customers at such a large scale – and we’ll continue to work with Microsoft and Xbox to innovate, as we plan to share even more voice commands and far-field gaming capabilities in the coming months.