Whether you’re inspired by classic watercolors, oil paintings or colorful dreamscapes, you can now bring your artistic imagination to life using just your voice, your Fire TV, and a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI).
AI Art is a new feature that helps you create artwork generated by AI using your Fire TV. This new feature brings the magic of creating AI artwork to the TV screen using the simplicity of your voice with Alexa. Create a personalized image by opening the Ambient Experience and giving Alexa an imagination-driven prompt, such as “Alexa, create a background of a medieval castle on Mars” or “Alexa, create an image of cherry blossoms in the snow.” Then watch as the prompt is translated into a unique display on the Fire TV screen.
AI Art combines the power of Alexa with a fine-tuned Titan Image Generator modelto create up to four unique initial images for each prompt. You can even personalize your creations by selecting additional modifiers in a range of artwork styles, such as pixel art, oil painting, watercolor, colored pencil, Cubist, and others. Once you’re happy with your creation, you can use your unique image as a background on your Fire TV and save it to your Amazon Photos account.
The AI Art feature is now available in public preview to customers in the U.S. with a Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen) or Fire TV Omni QLED Series.
Need some inspiration to get started? Try asking Alexa to create your own masterpiece by using these prompts:
  • Alexa, create an image of Stonehenge at sunset
  • Alexa, create a background of a rapid river in Antelope Canyon
  • Alexa, create a background of a medieval castle on Mars
  • Alexa, create an image of a colorful sci-fi landscape
  • Alexa, create an image of a tranquil lake surrounded by mountains
  • Alexa, create a background of a cyberpunk city in Yosemite
  • Alexa, create a painting of a fairy landscape
  • Alexa, create an image of cherry blossoms in the snow
  • Alexa, create a picture of a treehouse in the forest
  • Alexa, create a background of an underwater village
  • Alexa, create a picture of a hidden temple in a rainbow jungle
An image of a Fire TV screen.
As with any new feature, we invite customers to experiment with AI Art and share feedback as we continue to refine this new feature. After creating an image, you can give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to let us know what you think and share more about your experience.
AI Art is part of the Ambient Experience, which populates your Fire TV screen with useful and glanceable information—like personalized weather forecasts, calendars, news headlines, music, gallery-quality artwork, and more—turning the TV into an always-smart device when it’s not streaming movies or shows. A public preview of AI Art is available now, and will be accessible to all customers in the U.S. on devices with the Ambient Experience by the end of January. Learn more about other unique features within the Fire TV Ambient Experience.
Update: Since we launched the AI Art feature in January, customers have generated over one million images. What’s incredible is that 84% of the prompts are unique. Popular prompts included requests for images of dogs, an oasis in the desert, dragons, cats, beaches, and zombies. Interestingly, there were also numerous requests for self-portraits of Alexa herself.