For decades, TVs have brought people together to entertain, inform, and inspire. But as technology advances, you may have wondered whether one of the most prominent screens in your home—the smart TV—is keeping pace. Now, with the Fire TV Ambient Experience, the smart TV is taking on a new role in the home.
Sensors in Amazon’s Fire TV Omni QLED Series can detect when someone enters the room and automatically turn on the Ambient Experience. The feature populates the TV screen with useful and glanceable information—like personalized weather forecasts, calendars, news headlines, and music—turning the TV into an always-smart device when it’s not streaming movies or shows. To manually turn on the Ambient Experience on your Omni QLED Series, just ask Alexa to “launch ambient,” or short press the power button on your Alexa remote.
Like all Fire TV devices, the Omni QLED Series has a deep integration with Alexa, which means you can control your TV simply by using your voice. The Omni QLED Series is equipped with a far-field microphone, so from across the room without your remote, you can say things like, “Alexa, play Succession.” Alexa will respond to your request and pick up where you left off in the series. Alexa also delivers personalized content recommendations, helping customers discover the movies, shows, games, and videos they want to stream.
The Fire TV Omni QLED Series, the first TV built with the Fire TV Ambient Experience, is now available in three additional sizes—43”, 50”, and 55”—making the Ambient Experience accessible to more rooms and spaces.
Here are four of the coolest things you can do with the Ambient Experience.

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Customize your TV’s home screen with glanceable Alexa Widgets

Customize your TV’s home screen with glanceable Alexa Widgets
Display free, museum-quality artwork or family photos
Create personalized and ever-evolving artwork dynamic art
Use Alexa to control your entire smart home
Customize your TV’s home screen with glanceable Alexa Widgets

The Ambient Experience comes with a selection of customizable widgets that let you see useful information at a glance. These widgets populate the home screen of your TV when the Omni QLED Series’ sensors detect you’ve entered the room, giving you easy access to calendars, Sticky Notes, and audio from services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and iHeart Radio, along with live TV, personalized weather forecasts, recipe and meal ideas, and more.

A screenshot of a Fire TV home screen showing an image of the desert.
Display free, museum-quality artwork or family photos

There’s also an artsy side to Fire TV’s Ambient Experience—because a truly smart TV shouldn’t just be useful, it should be beautiful too. Customers can display free works of art from a newly expanded trove of more than 1,700 pieces of free artwork and photography spanning a range of styles. The collection includes original pieces developed and curated by Amazon, as well as works from The National Gallery of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The National Galleries of Scotland, National Museum of Wales, Munich’s Pinakothek of the Modern, and other institutions. You can create an in-home gallery for free, without a subscription, and you can learn more about the artwork by asking questions like, “Alexa, who painted this?” or “Alexa, tell me more about this artwork.”

The Omni QLED Series also serves as a beautiful canvas for your personal photos, letting you share memories from family vacations, holidays, or birthday parties on the 4K display.

Create personalized and ever-evolving artwork dynamic art

Beginning next month, customers will be able to display another kind of art on their walls: dynamic art. The newly announced feature uses an algorithm to create personalized pieces of artwork that are always evolving and responding to environmental cues like ambient light, weather patterns, and time of day. Using your TV as a canvas, the result is unique, ever-changing artwork that provides a window into the future of digital art and interior design.

A colorful painting. Courtesy of Samuel Stubblefield
Use Alexa to control your entire smart home

The Smart Home Favorites widget with the Ambient Experience gives you an easy place to see the status of your smart devices and control them with your voice or remote. The Omni QLED Series makes the TV the smart home hub, providing one easy place to use your Fire TV to control all Alexa-enabled devices—like smart lights or thermostats, or Ring Video Doorbells—that are connected in your home.