To help continually make products and services safer for both adults and children, Amazon relies on research focused on healthy online experiences. Three nonprofits are central to that work: ConnectSafely, the Digital Wellness Lab, and the Family Online Safety Institute.
The organizations offer a vast, collective knowledge base, cutting-edge research, and strong advocacy for personal privacy and digital well-being. We value their constructive feedback and use it to improve everything we make.
“The thought leadership from these organizations helps us to stay current in our decision-making and responsive to the latest research,” said Catherine Teitelbaum, Principal for Family Trust at Amazon Kids.
The three nonprofits share our commitment to digital wellness, and we thank them for their contributions to the development of better, safer products and services for kids and families. Learn more about each organization below.
Our partners at ConnectSafely are dedicated to educating families about digital safety. The organization’s leaders are pioneers in the field with deep knowledge and timely information to share with parents. The nonprofit has written parent guides, for Amazon products that include important context to help families make sense of ever-changing information and technology updates.
ConnectSafely’s website offers the latest news, videos, podcasts, and parent guides, along with concise Quick Guides on a breadth of topics that affect different family members, from toddlers to seniors. The site also includes popular apps used by children and teens.
The Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital is a nexus where synergy among technology, scientific research, and the future of children’s well-being are cultivated. The organization’s guiding mission is to share science-based resources that empower families to make healthy choices in today’s digital environment.
Amazon’s Catherine Teitelbaum is proud to serve on the advisory board of this organization, which provides insight into the latest scientific research and real-world findings. Recently, the nonprofit’s Digital Wellness Pulse Surveys helped us better understand the effects of media use and remote learning on children during the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to continuing to participate in this work.
The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) is an international organization that brings together industry thought leaders, parents, government, and the technology industry in a shared mission to make the online world safer for kids and their families.
Through research, resources, events, and special projects, FOSI promotes a culture of online responsibility and digital literacy for all. The organization has been instrumental in bringing key issues to the public, and Amazon is honored that FOSI has included the company as an integral part of that conversation.