Leah and her husband had their hands full with a newborn at home. They were feeling overwhelmed and constantly worried: What are we forgetting? Is the humidifier on? Is the baby okay? Then the first-time parents remembered they had support—from Alexa.
A woman and her husband pose and smile with their infant daughter
More from Leah, in her own words:
“My husband and I are first-time parents. When our daughter was born last fall, we endured a lot of stress with many doctors and hospital visits. Everything was so new. For the first few weeks of our daughter's life, we were constantly overwhelmed. We couldn’t stop worrying about her well-being, if we were doing everything right, and if we were admittedly remembering everything we needed to get done.
“Since then, Alexa has truly become an extra set of hands in our house. Alexa helps when we have a baby in our arms and need to set a timer or add to our shopping list.
“On top of this, we also set up numerous Alexa Routines to make life a little easier. For example, when we’re putting our daughter down for a nap, we say, ‘Alexa, nap time,’ to easily turn the lights off and start playing white noise on the Echo Dot in her nursery. We have another Routine where we say, ‘Alexa, good night,’ and beyond turning off the lights and playing white noise, Alexa also turns on the humidifier and baby monitor. Additionally, our ‘good morning’ Routine turns on the nursery lamps to 50%, and turns off the other electronics we’ve connected to Alexa. I could go on and on, but we would truly be lost without Alexa.
“From very tired parents to now restful parents who somewhat have it together, we are thankful to Alexa for keeping us organized and for the support. I just hope this story can help other parents with newborns know that you can have some extra help when you feel you need it most.”
Learn more about how Alexa can help you and your family, and how Routines can support you and be shared with others, too.
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