Create a custom holiday Alexa Routine, read a holiday story to your kids, or build a light display that sparks wonder. Alexa can help you do it all as you prepare your home for the holidays—and inspire family and friends the moment they step inside. And if you need extra inspiration, interact with the same Alexa Skills and Amazon devices in a famed New York City tradition.
Inspired by a classic Christmas carol, “Alexa in a Pear Tree” is the world’s first smart holiday window—and it’s now in New York City. Shoppers passing by the display can activate various features with just their voice, including turning on festive lights or playing Amazon Music holiday originals. The features are animated on a snow-covered tree in the window.
An image of the Alexa holiday window display in New York CityPhoto by Tory Stolper
New York’s famous holiday window displays have attracted and inspired onlookers for generations. And we hope people smile (and also get inspired) while interacting with our window in the heart of New York’s SoHo neighborhood.
An image of the Alexa holiday window display in New York CityPhoto by Tory Stolper
The window is located at 63 Spring Street, at the corner of Spring and Lafayette streets, and will be open to the public daily from December 3-12, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. If you’re in New York City and snap a picture of the window—or if you create your own holiday wonderland at home—we’d love to see it. Send us an email or tag us on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #AlexainaPearTree.
This one-of-a-kind experience is more than just a sightseeing pitstop—it’s an activity for everyone.
An image of the Alexa holiday window display in New York CityPhoto by Tory Stolper

Top tips to transform your home for the holidays with Alexa and Amazon devices

We collected six of the top Alexa features and Amazon devices to help you this holiday season, from finding holiday shopping deals to talking with Santa Claus.
  1. Ask Alexa to play holiday music. Using your Echo device or Alexa app, say, “Alexa, play holiday music” to start up seasonal hits, including new exclusive Amazon Originals from Leon Bridges, Day + Shay, Camila Cabello, and other artists.
  2. Bring the holiday cheer with smart light. As you’re decorating, use Smart Bulbs or Smart Lightstrips to add lighting that matches your existing decor. Through a connected Echo device, ask Alexa to change the colors to match your mood or party theme—the options are endless!
  3. Finish your shopping list. Find out the latest device deals by saying, “Alexa, what are my deals?”
  4. Fire up the yule log. Using your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, try apps such as White Log Fireplace, Curly Wood Fireplace, or Blaze to add coziness to your living room with a yule log screensaver—ideal if you don’t have a fireplace at home. Or if you say, “Alexa, open Holiday Yule Log,” a yule log will pop up that is specifically optimized for the Echo Show and Fire TV.
  5. Create an Alexa Routine. Turn on all of the above features at once by creating a custom Alexa Routine. Name it whatever you’d like through the Alexa app, maybe “Let’s get festive!” and then use your voice to trigger several commands at once by saying, “Alexa, let’s get festive!” The feature is perfect for hosting and entertaining.
  6. Track and even talk with Santa Claus. Use Alexa Skills to have fun with the whole family. Families can say, “Alexa, call Santa Claus,” and Alexa will connect them to Old St. Nick and all his friends at the North Pole. Or if you say, “Alexa, where is Santa?” kids can track Old St. Nick before and during Christmas.
And remember: If you use Alexa and Amazon devices to prepare your home for the holidays, send us a note or tag us on Twitter or Instagram with photos.