Some pet owners may feel a sense of #DogBrain—that feeling you get when you can’t stop thinking about your pet. As Americans look forward to spending more time outside their homes, whether to travel or return to the office, now is the best time to adjust routines and at-home setups to make your pet feel comfortable at home alone.

Amazon Devices teamed up with Dr. Hunter Finn D.V.M., TikTok’s favorite veterinarian, to compile 10 pawesome tips and tricks that will help pets and their owners create a new routine.

“For pet parents spending less time at home nowadays, it’s normal to feel a little worried about what your pet will think and do while you’re away,” Finn said. “The good news is that there are training techniques and tips you can implement now to help you and your pet find a new routine and ease the transition. I partnered with Amazon Devices to show pet owners how simple adjustments at home and Alexa-enabled devices can provide you and your pet less stress and more peace of mind.”

From starting new habits to setting up connected devices that allow you to communicate with your pet while away, small changes can make big differences for your pet’s well-being.