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I’ve always appreciated how handy Alexa is. I was part of the team who helped introduce Alexa into my retirement community years ago, becoming one of the first communities in the country to do so. Before my accident, I used Alexa on a regular basis for setting timers as well as reminders to take medication, and turning on the lights. However, this year I experienced an incident that made me value Alexa even more.

A woman stands in front of a colorful piece of art hanging on a wall.
Janet with a piece of her own artwork showcased at an art show.

I’m in my early 80s and live independently in my apartment at The Admiral at the Lake, which offers many amenities to help me live the life I want as I age, while also easily getting the support I need when I need it. One afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, and I pushed away in my rolling chair to grab something at my printer. Unfortunately, I started slipping out of my chair. I tried to save myself, but I landed hard on my left knee. I heard a cracking sound, and I knew it was bad.

When I was lying there on the floor, I wasn’t wearing my safety pendant, my phone wasn’t in reach, and even though I screamed for my neighbors, nobody could hear me. I was panicking, trying to figure out how I’d get the help I needed. Then I remembered that my room has an Echo installed, so I called out and asked Alexa to call the front desk. I was immediately connected with the wonderful team at the front desk, and they called 911 for me.

Thankfully, the paramedics arrived soon after. I completely shattered my femur. I’ve had a broken hip before, so I know how serious these breaks can be, and I know that without Alexa, things would have been so much worse. This accident happened mid-afternoon, and although our support staff checks on residents daily, if we don’t set off a motion sensor in our apartments, they may not have been alerted that I was in trouble until the next morning. Alexa saved me from experiencing an even worse injury, and now I really know just how valuable Alexa can be.

Alexa Smart Properties

Care providers now have the opportunity to bring Alexa into their properties with the recent launch of Alexa Smart Properties support for senior living. The solution provides Alexa capabilities at scale, empowering residents to stay connected, informed, and entertained. Thankfully, The Admiral at the Lake had been working with Amazon for quite some time when Janet fell earlier this year. We’re so glad to hear that Alexa was able to support Janet, and she is now on the road to recovery.

Learn more about how Alexa Smart Properties can support residents, associates, and guests at senior living communities, healthcare facilities, and other property types, or how Alexa can help you look after your loved ones from afar.

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