Robotics plays an important role at Amazon. From fulfillment center robots roaming the floor to Scout—the fully electric autonomous delivery device, robots are critical to providing premium services to our customers and partners. But what about the Amazon employees—our roboticists—who design, build, and deploy these robots?
Meet some of the roboticists working in a wide variety of ways across Amazon, on multidisciplinary teams, to produce world-class innovations and operations.

Kobe Boateng

Building robots that respect human dignity
A headshot of Kobe Boateng wearing a green plaid sports jacket.
Meet Kobe Boateng an Amazon roboticist working in control systems design and safety across Amazon’s suite of fulfillment center robots.

Lisa Huang

Writing software for Amazon Scout
Amazon robotics employee Lisa works at her desk with various screens and equipment.
Meet Lisa Huang, who works in embedded software and operating systems for Amazon Scout.

Jon Stevens

Improving customer experiences with Amazon Scout
Jon crosses his arms and leans against the hood of a vintage muscle car.
Meet Jon Stevens, a principal engineer working on Amazon Scout.

Heidi Schubert

Safely introducing drones to our skies
Amazon robotics employee Heidi smiles as she sits at her desk wearing a glamazon shirt.
Meet Heidi Schubert, who works on Prime Air creating drone traffic management software.

Swati Singhal

Amazon fulfillment center simulations
Amazon robotics employee wears safety goggles and pushes a robot on a sturdy cart.
Meet Swati Singhal, a software engineer who organizes the flow of robotic operations in fulfillment centers.
Explore jobs working with Amazon robotics, Scout, and Prime Air.