For the second year in a row, the Retailer Preference Index (RPI) has ranked Amazon as the top overall grocery retailer in the U.S. Plus, Amazon Fresh—which includes our grocery stores and delivery and pickup services—made a strong debut, placing fifth among 58 U.S. grocers on the list compiled by Dunnhumby, a global customer data science and analysis firm.

Amazon Fresh became a top grocery retailer by offering customers everything they love about Amazon when shopping for their groceries, such as consistently low prices, convenience, and great selection—whether customers are shopping in-store or online.

An image of the fresh produce section at an Amazon Fresh store. A Dash Cart sits in front of the aisle and there are green and purple veggies stacked on the shelves.
An image of Amazon Fresh employees pulling a fresh pizza out of an oven.
An image of a case in an Amazon Fresh bakery with breads and rolls inside of it.
An image of an employee at an Amazon Fresh store working behind the counter of a customer service desk. There are bags with grocery deliveries behind her.

Over the last year, we’ve focused on expanding the convenience of the Amazon Fresh store shopping experience to customers across the country. So far, we’ve opened 23 Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S.—with more stores confirmed to open in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington state—that enable customers to skip the checkout line thanks to Just Walk Out technology or Amazon Dash Carts. We’ve also introduced a new private label food brand—Aplenty—that provides delicious meals and is available only at Amazon Fresh. Aplenty offers products that are thoughtfully crafted using high-quality ingredients and cooking methods to deliver great taste at an incredible value.

An image of an Amazon Dash cart. It is a grocery cart with a screen on it. On the screen you see the items in the cart, their individual prices, and the running total.
An image of a woman pushing a shopping cart out of the Just Walk Out gates in an Amazon Fresh store. Her cart is full of groceries purchased using the Just Walk Out technology.

Dunnhumby’s annual list is determined through an online survey of approximately 10,000 U.S. households that are asked to rate grocers on top preference indicators. The report ranks grocers based on how customers say the businesses work to meet their needs, including price, quality, digital options, operations, convenience, speed, discounts, and rewards.

For the first time, Just Walk Out technology is available in a new full-size Amazon Fresh grocery store.

Amazon and Amazon Fresh’s strong ranking on the list is reflective of the hard-working associates across all of our business operations. They continuously deliver for customers and helped us earn this industry recognition.