More than 14 million campers attend overnight and day camps in the U.S., each year, according to the National Camp Association. As individuals and families continue to look for new ways to spend time during the summer months, Amazon Handmade will be bringing elements of the camp experience into customers' homes, inspiring anyone interested in creativity and craft to learn from the best—our Makers. Starting today, Camp Handmade will offer customers fun ways to interact with Handmade and participate in nostalgic crafts like friendship bracelet making, flower painting, candle making, and more.
Explore Camp Handmade now through August 15.
"My best summer memories growing up included the scents of nature and lots of water, be it the beach or the lake," said Kennedy Lowery, principal artisan and owner of Live By Being. "With many summer vacations put on hold, I was excited to join Amazon Handmade in creating a DIY Bath Salt Kit that allows everyone to recapture the joy of those moments and bring these scents and water filled memories home to them." Kennedy is among five Handmade Makers from across the country hosting easy-to-follow crafting tutorials online as part of the experience.
Over the coming weeks, customers can tune-in at any time to watch video tutorials or learn from participating Makers by viewing Q&A panel sessions on what it's like to be a small business owner, and shop local handcrafted products across Amazon Handmade, the shopping destination for one-of-a-kind crafts from Makers around the globe.
"As a former Summer Camp Counselor, I believe that learning something new and testing your abilities is what camp is all about," said Katie Harnetiaux, global head of Amazon Handmade. "We wanted to bring everything customers love about Amazon Handmade right to their home, in a way that allows them to be a part of the process. Camp Handmade redefines the meaning of at-home fun and we’re excited to introduce this immersive experience to customers."
More summertime activities are available via Camp Prime’s Handbook, a digital guide that features family-friendly crafts that can be done with items from home.

Featured Handmade Makers

Banter & Bliss Candle Co.
Amazon Handmade seller posing in a photographBanter & Bliss Candle Co. | Sheena Tahilramani from California
Sheena founded Banter & Bliss Candle Co. in 2014 after learning how to make scented candles as holiday gifts for her clients at her public relations agency, SVN Public Relations. An avid entrepreneur and expert on branding and all things travel, style, and luxury, her homegrown hobby soon turned into what is now Banter & Bliss Candle Co. Before SVN Public Relations and Banter & Bliss Candle Co., Sheena worked in Washington DC, at The White House Office of Political Affairs and for a former Presidential adviser. Sheena earned her B.A. at University of California, Irvine and received an M.S. in Journalism from The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. She was named to OC Metro magazine’s annual “Forty Under 40” list in 2013 and recently completed the Tory Burch Foundation Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program for female-owned businesses.
Amazon Handmade seller posing in a photographLIVE BY BEING | Kennedy Lowery from Texas
Live By Being is an intimately curated collection of artisan-crafted bath & body goods that offer plant and mineral-based nourishment that indulges the senses and responsibly cares for the skin. Artisan Kennedy Lowery was inspired to deliver wellness and indulgent experiences to others after facing her own bout of exhaustion in a high-stress demanding career. What started as a journey of self-discovery and a lifestyle change has evolved into a wellness brand, founded to inspire women to create a space within themselves where they can find calm in the chaos and reconnect with who they are. Built on the foundation of wanting to offer more than just natural skincare products, the art of a self-care ritual is deeply rooted in every product and offers a chance to transform daily routines into inspired mindful moments of self-care and just BEING present. Products are handcrafted in small batches and PETA certified.
Rebecca Flott Arts
Amazon Handmade seller posing in a photographRebeca Flott Arts | Rebeca Flott from Florida
Growing up in South America, Rebeca discovered her passion for creating and using alternative ways to paint and decorate with limited resources. She challenged herself to be persistent and find different ways to express herself through painting every day. Her journey as an artist started young, but took off in her twenties when she started to paint on canvas: “In my heart this simple act made me feel that I was a ‘real’ artist. Now that I had ‘arrived’ I felt it was time to go back to my roots of finding affordable materials to make beautiful unique art on. I knew that there were artists that had painted on screens before, and I knew screen was a great affordable material. So as a test, I decided to make my husband's grandma who loves her outdoor space a piece. Not knowing how to create on screens I soon became very frustrated, and gave up trying to do what other people were doing with the screens. After some great encouragement from friends. I continued my journey to master this material. I continued to get better and better at my craft. Now after thousands of paintings on screen, I present to you my shop”. Rebeca’s shop on Handmade includes screen art, as well as pieces on burlap and wood. She is consistently looking to find new interesting ways to express herself: “It could have been a lot different. I could have looked at the fact that my parents didn't have the money to help me grow as an artist, or the fact that I didn't have money to buy a simple canvas. Instead I chose to look within, I chose to believe in myself, to have faith, that I was going to make it. I chose to believe that I didn't have to be like everyone else. You have to be you!!!! Anything you believe in, water it, feed it, and protect it, and you can change the world. Take a step forward and try something different, it might just change your life.”
Sheep Farm Felt
Amazon Handmade seller posing in a photograph in front of the felted wool ball garlands she makes and sells.Sheep Farm Felt |Megan Benson from New JerseyPhoto by © Simon Lewis Studio
Megan’s felt garlands are the perfect finishing touch for your home decor. The natural wool fiber of her garlands make an eco-friendly choice for decorating that can be enjoyed year after year. When she first started her shop, Megan felted each and every ball by hand using wool from her family’s sheep farm. However after a few months, she started to run out of wool so she partnered with a talented group of artisans from Nepal to help with production and transitioned to using premium wool from a sheep farm in New Zealand. Megan is proud that she’s able to support other women makers. She now offers more than 100 color variations with a faster turn-around time to delight her customers.