Amazon is rolling out a new mentorship and networking benefit for participants in its Black Business Accelerator (BBA): BBA Connect, a 12-month program that provides the guidance, education, and community needed to help participants thrive as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Amazon’s new Black Business Accelerator provides access to capital, business guidance, mentorship, and marketing support to help Black-owned businesses succeed as sellers in Amazon’s store.

BBA Connect is free for participants and has three core elements:

  • Entrepreneurial insights: Through a series of events led by experts and thought leaders in Black entrepreneurship, participants will learn tools, tricks, and tips to help drive business growth. These events will focus on topics such as: how to write and execute a marketing plan, strategies for securing and spending capital, and approaches to customer acquisition.
  • Community building: Networking is a skill that’s particularly important for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships is critical for helping businesses thrive. BBA Connect will provide opportunities for participants to meet fellow Amazon sellers and BBA participants to build community and learn from one another.
  • Expert mentorship: Participants will be paired with business mentors who have excelled in various areas of entrepreneurship and will share wisdom and guidance to help BBA Connect participants grow and succeed. Pairings will be based on participants’ business type, category, and stage, and sessions will happen in one-to-one and group engagements. Here’s what some of our BBA Connect mentors have to say:
An image with a quote from Marty McDonald, founder and CEO Boss Women Media. The quote reads: “Creating tools and resources for Black-owned businesses is essential for our community to not only survive but thrive. I’m beyond excited to partner with Amazon to bring this opportunity to deserving entrepreneurs in our community so they can expand their capabilities.”
An image with a quote from Jason Campbell, founder and chief branding strategist at Brand B Sports. The quote reads: “Through this program with Amazon, it is my duty to help Black-owned businesses understand the complexities of business DNA and show them how to replicate success and avoid pitfalls. That truly is the job of a good mentor.”
An image with a quote from Jordan Babineuax Broadcaster and Best-Selling Author Pivot to Win: Make the Big Plays in Life. The quote reads. “Teaming up with Amazon as part of the Black Business Accelerator initiative is a pivotal moment to expand my impact. I get to share my knowledge and experiences to harvest more growth and productivity for other Black-owned businesses.”
An image with a quote from Keiana Chisholm, founder of The STEM Kidz. The quote reads: “My mission is to intentionally delve into the importance of mentorship for small business entrepreneurs to propel their success. Through guidance and streamlined strategy, I am committed to seeing my mentees through their journey.”

Complete the interest form if you would like to participate. Applications for BBA Connect will open to BBA participants on November 8, 2021. BBA Connect’s first cohort will be open to 100 participants.

BBA Advisory Council

BBA Connect is just one example of Amazon’s commitment to championing Black-owned businesses. Since the launch of BBA in June, thousands of Black-owned businesses have signed up to participate in the program and access financial support, business education, mentorship, and marketing and promotion opportunities.

In addition to launching BBA Connect, Amazon has also compiled an advisory council comprised of luminaries from the Black business community who will provide strategic guidance and direction to the BBA program and related initiatives.

BBA Advisory Council members include:

An image with a quote from Aron Betru, chief strategic and operating officer at Trident. The quote reads: “Access to opportunities matters for small businesses, especially Black-owned businesses. Amazon has the opportunity to be a powerful channel for opportunities, and I am looking forward to helping to shape how that can be intentional for Black-owned businesses.”
An image with a quote from Greg Fairchild associate dean for Washington, D.C. area initiatives, and academic director of public policy at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. The quote reads: “Too often, those interested in bringing change to our systems labor alone. They figure things out alone, and their knowledge isn't distributed. The engagement with [BBA] is the type of intervention that makes a great deal of sense. I always appreciate being around folks that are excited about getting things done.”

Learn more about Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator, and discover and shop products from Black-owned small businesses in Amazon’s store.