On the heels of our recent Texas Wind Farm announcement (our largest renewable energy project to date) we were honored to welcome Al Gore to Amazon last Friday. Al Gore is former Vice President of the United States and current Chairman of Generation Investment Management.
I had the privilege of hosting Mr. Gore in conversation with more than 1,600 Amazonians who came to hear him speak about the environment, including climate change, demographic changes and the role we can play. We featured Mr. Gore’s presentation in our new meeting center, which seemed appropriate – it’s one of the buildings on our urban campus with many sustainable features, including recycled heat, a green roof, and other green building materials. Mr. Gore covered a lot of fascinating ground – from the rapidly growing Zika outbreak and natural disasters like the unprecedented flooding in Louisiana, to incredibly optimistic messages about progress made in recent years and opportunities we have as a society to ensure a bright future for Earth.
Fortunately, the will to act is in and of itself a renewable resource

Vice President Al Gore

“We are going to prevail, but we have to act quickly because Earth is our only home,” said Mr. Gore. “Fortunately, the will to act is in and of itself a renewable resource.”
Mr. Gore’s call to action is no less compelling, energetic or inspiring than it was when I first watched An Inconvenient Truth over a decade ago. The message has, in some ways, become more hopeful: There is still time. However, we must act now.
On behalf of the tens of thousands of Amazonians who are working toward a more sustainable future, I’d like to thank him again for spending time with us.
If you’d like to learn more about Amazon’s sustainability efforts, you can visit www.amazon.com/sustainability.