Amazon’s 2022 Artist in Residence program will feature seven new artists from the Greater Puget Sound area, demonstrating a range of mediums and styles. Now in its fifth year, the Amazon Artist in Residence program provides local artists with a $15,000 grant, 10 weeks of studio space in the company’s Seattle or Bellevue offices, and an opportunity to connect with Amazon employees by sharing their artistic inspiration and process.

Each participant will create one new piece of art to be featured on the Amazon campus at the completion of their residency, contributing to Amazon’s peculiar culture with original works of art.

“I’m excited to engage with others and to change my context,” said Katie Miller, a 2022 program participant. “I feel like this is an opportunity that will stick with me after-the-fact, as well. It’s not just the time and space we’re given during the residency, it’s how those dialogues and the engagement and the work we make influences us beyond.”

The first residency kicked off on February 28. The participants in the 2022 Artist in Residence program are:

Robb Kunz

A headshot of Robb Kunz against an orange wall.

Kunz is a bronze sculptor and creator of an innovative outdoor sound collage at Seattle Center. Learn more about his work.

Katie Miller

Katie Miller smiles and looks away from the camera.

Miller is the creator of interdisciplinary art installations, including Crossing, a maritime-inspired piece at the East Ballard canal. Learn more about her work.

Anna Mlasowsky

Anna Mlasowsky balances a glass bulb on her shoulders and looks down at the floor.

Mlasowsky works in a range of mediums and curates Das Schaufenster, an experimental window gallery space. Learn more about her work.

Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson holds his right hand over his right eye and stares at the camera.

Johnson is a painter and sculptor who creates works to acknowledge and celebrate Seattle’s Black communities. Learn more about his work.

Jite Agbro

Jite Agbro smiles and looks off to the side in an art studio.

Agbro exhibits with print-making and mixed-media collage, and recreated an immersive art experience featuring her childhood home. Learn more about her work.

Moses Sun

Moses Sun smiles for the camera with his art behind him.

Sun is a mixed-media muralist showcasing the authentic heritage of South Seattle. Learn more about his work.

Alice Gosti

Alice Gosti poses with her hands framing her face as she looks down from the camera.

Gosti is a performance artist and founder of Yellow Fish Durational Festival, the world’s only festival dedicated exclusively to durational performance. Learn more about her work.

“This will be our largest Artist in Residence cohort yet,” said Christine Phelan, senior program manager of the Expressions program at Amazon. “Every year, employees look forward to viewing these inspirational pieces and learning about the artists and the local arts community they represent. I am enthused to see such an innovative range of styles on display this year, with powerful themes that celebrate the people and experience of the Greater Puget Sound area.”

Amazon’s program supports local artists with quality studio spaces and ways to foster welcomed dialogue with employees around the topics of self-expressions, creative problem solving, and themes that influence society in 2022.

This year’s program is hosted in both the newly renovated 1,100-square-foot Seattle Studio and the Bellevue Studio, which opened in September 2021.