MLK Day is a time to reflect on the messages and principals Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. so passionately advocated for, including equality, justice, peace, service, love, and inclusivity. However, many Amazon employees are committed to celebrating these principals and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life not just today, but every day.

Two Amazon managers recently shared what MLK Day—and the late activist himself—means to them, and how he has impacted their careers and inspired acts of service.

“Life’s not just about pushing boxes,” said Markeshia Hamilton, a senior operations manager at Amazon. “It’s about what we can do for the people that are around us.”

Hamilton also said Dr. King has given her “an opportunity to be respected as not only a female leader, [but] a Black female leader.”

Trevis Parker, an area manager at Amazon, also weighed in. “I would have never been a manager if Dr. King didn’t do what he did,” Parker said.

Parker continued to voice that “diversity definitely makes us stronger at Amazon” and that he has “seen firsthand the mountains people can move when they work together.”

Hear what else Hamilton and Parker had to say about Dr. King’s legacy and how they're keeping his dream alive in the video above.