For the past three years we’ve welcomed parents to Amazon's Seattle campus to give them a glimpse of the work their sons and daughters do on behalf of customers, and to enjoy some fun activities around campus. Teams from across the company - from Amazon Music, Prime Video, Prime Air, the Horticulture team, and many others - participate in the event. But how much do they know about their child's job? As you'll see below, some of their answers surprised the Amazonians who brought their parents to work.

A few facts about our annual Bring Your Parents to Work Day:

4: Number of years Amazonians have celebrated the event at Amazon's Seattle headquarters.
15+: Number of activations on campus for parents to learn about Amazon and experience our Seattle headquarters.
7,000+: Number of anticipated attendees for Bring Your Parents to Work Day on September 13, 2019, including parents and Amazonians.
50: Amazon welcomes parents from countries as far away as China and India, and all 50 states, for the event.
1,400+: Number of postcards Amazonians sent to their parents who weren’t able to attend the festivities in person on Bring Your Parents to Work Day in 2018. The thoughtful notes were sent around the world.

Past events