Amazon recognizes that Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting is one element of a wider strategy to address employment representation rates and gaps between genders. While GPG reporting alone cannot determine or resolve the complex set of causes for these differences, it is a crucial and welcome initiative that we take seriously.

What are GPG and equal pay?

GPG compares the pay of all working men and women, regardless of their specific jobs, working patterns, organization levels, qualifications, or experience. The GPG is simply an expression of the difference in the overall average earnings between all men and women within an organization or group of employees. Equal pay, on the other hand, aims to ensure that men and women receive equal pay for equal work and has been a legal requirement in Israel since 1996.
Therefore, the presence of GPG does not show whether women are being paid less than men in the same roles. For example, if an employer has more men in senior, higher-paid positions than women, this can explain why there is a GPG between the average pay of all men and all women in that entity. A GPG may exist, even when men and women receive equal pay for equal work in accordance with equal pay legislation.
For the prior year, download the 2022 Amazon Israel Gender Pay Gap Public Report.