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At Amazon, $15 is just the start

All of our employees earn at least $15 an hour—and more in areas where the cost of living is higher. In fact, our roles in fulfillment and transportation offer an average of more than $18 an hour. We invest in employee career growth and offer regular, full-time employees benefits like health care on day one, and fully paid family leave.
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“The first time in my life when I’ve only had to have one job”

Mary Kate was just looking for a job when she joined Amazon five years ago, but found much more—a pay increase, health benefits from day one, and a job she found rewarding.
We’re committed to our employees’ personal success—whether they’re here for a season or a career.
A graphic that shows what benefits employees can expect, including health care, parental leave, college tuition, and at least $15 an hour.

Do we pay $15 an hour everywhere?

Our national starting wage is at least $15 an hour. In regions with a higher cost of living, like New York, our starting wage is even higher. In fact, the roles in fulfillment and transportation offer an average starting wage of more than $18 an hour.

How do we help advance our employees’ careers?

In 2020 alone, we promoted more than 35,000 operations employees. We continue to invest in our people by expanding our free education and skills training programs, like Career Choice. Through Career Choice, we are now providing fully funded college tuition, as well as the cost of classes, books, and fees. This benefit is now available to over 750,000 of our operations employees in the U.S. who have been with the company for as little as three months. The program also includes fully funding high school diploma programs, GEDs, and English as a Second Language (ESL) proficiency certifications.

What benefits do our hourly employees get?

At Amazon, we offer all regular, full-time employees a range of great benefits that begin on day one. This includes health care, up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave for birthing parents, and other resources to improve health and well-being. We also extend our health care benefits to support our employees’ eligible family members, including domestic partners and their children. Learn more about our full benefits offerings on our Employee Benefits page.

“I wouldn’t be here today without those benefits”
Shortly after joining Amazon, Carlton made a doctor’s appointment that saved his life.

Read his story.
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