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Why Amazon Supports a $15 Minimum Wage

In 2018, Amazon raised its starting wage for all U.S. employees to at least $15 an hour. We’ve seen the positive impact this has had on our employees, their families, and their communities. Since then, we’ve been lobbying Congress to increase the federal minimum wage—which has been stuck at $7.25 since 2009.
The owner of Sylvia's Cafe stands behind the counter wearing an apron and smiling at the camera.

Rising Tide: Tasting Success

Meet our neighbors at Sylvia's Cafe near Miami who have experienced the positive ripple effects of Amazon's $15/hr starting wage.
See how Amazon employees reacted to our $15 starting wage in 2018

Studies show that wage increases help communities and fuel economic growth. The investments we made in our hourly employees quickly benefitted local businesses and economies.

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