Amazon employs 55,000 tech and corporate employees in Seattle’s urban campus and an additional 10,000 in Bellevue and the Eastside, in Washington. Since May 2, 2023, these teams have been coming back to their downtown offices at least three days a week.

Amazon’s 2023 Artist in Residence cohort is our largest to date and includes artists who bring a range of drawing, painting, mixed media, and installation talent to the program.

From increased foot traffic at local businesses to increased ridership on public transportation, Amazon’s decision has contributed to additional economic vibrancy for the cities. This not only supports the businesses themselves, but also the people they hire for jobs across industries like retail and hospitality. In fact, through analyzing foot traffic and anonymized transaction data from May 2020-2022 to 2023, we've seen the following increases in South Lake Union (SLU) and Denny Regrade:

  • 82% increase in foot traffic and the number of people in SLU. In the Denny Regrade, where our largest buildings are located, we saw a 56% increase in foot traffic.
  • 86% increase in credit card transactions at SLU restaurants. Transactions in dining places increased by 86% and transactions at hotels in the area jumped 92%.
  • 101% and 109% increase in credit card transactions at hotels and restaurants in the Denny Regrade neighborhood. Amazon alone booked 26,500 hotel nights in Seattle in May 2023, an over 130% increase from the May 2020-2022 periods.
Four people are walking across a large sidewalk between Amazon buildings.
Photo by Lucas Jackson

"Since we started welcoming employees back three days a week this May, the energy in Amazon’s offices and around the neighborhood has been amazing," said John Schoettler, vice president of Global Real Estate and Facilities. "We know our presence here helps power the regional economy, encourages small business growth, supports the creation of even more local jobs, and is important for the revitalization of downtown. There is a renewed sense of vibrancy that I think the community can feel and we’re proud to be here doing our part."

Two men are sitting at a table across from each other, talking and eating lunch. They are in silhouette, and the Seattle Spheres building looms large in the background
Photo by Lucas Jackson

Below are the latest stats that showcase the role that Amazon helps to play in Seattle’s economy. Learn more in this brief about the impact of Amazon’s return to office in downtown Seattle.

A statistic card that states, "82% more foot traffic in South Lake Union in May 2023."
A statistic card that states, "97% average increase in transactions at local restaurants in South Lake Union and Denny Regrade."
A statistic card that states, "130% increase in Amazon hotel nights booked in Seattle."
Graphic: Our urban campuses allow for employees to use public transportation to get to work: Amazon pays for more than 7.5 million trips in public transport by its employees every year.
Graphic: Amazon provided more than $20 million in cash grants and rent relief to small businesses in downtown Seattle and Bellevue during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Graphic: In 2022, Amazon employees spent over 325,000 nights at hotels in Seattle, helping the hospitality industry accelerate its recovery since the pandemic.
Graphic: Amazon's investments support more than 298,000 indirect jobs in the Puget Sound region - from construction to logistics to hospitality.
Graphic: Since 2010, Amazon has invested more than $169 billion in the Puget Sound region, including infrastructure and compensation to our employees.
Graphic: Amazon currently employs more than 65,000 corporate and tech workers across our Puget Sound headquarters, including over 55,000 in Seattle and 10,000 in Bellevue and the Eastside.

For more information on how Amazon is supporting community in the Puget Sound, download the region's Community Impact Report.