A few years ago, Amazon had to decide whether or not we wanted to move to the suburbs, where it would be less expensive and easier to expand, or stay in our long-time home, urban Seattle. The answer was quite obvious – we decided to stay in the city for a multitude of reasons.
One of my favorite reasons why we chose to stay in Seattle is because we want to be connected to this vibrant, growing community. Staying in the city also affords us the opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with some of our nonprofit neighbors, like FareStart.
We are long-time supporters of the life-changing work that happens at FareStart. Their culinary training and employment placement programs empower people who are homeless or living in poverty to find higher paying career opportunities within the restaurant and food service industry.
At Amazon, we “think big” on behalf of our customers. Our FareStart neighbors “think big” on behalf of their students, and that is why I am excited the donation we just announced, of additional space for FareStart, will give them the opportunity to think even bigger. In fact, FareStart has moved over 8,000 people into well-paid culinary jobs, and with this donation, they expect to double the number of graduates’ lives they transform over the next 10 years.
We are proud and honored FareStart’s five new eateries will be in the heart of our South Lake Union neighborhood, within our Amazon campus, and open for everyone to enjoy sometime this summer.
For now, if you are interested in supporting FareStart’s upcoming fundraising campaign, you can click here.
See you this summer for a delicious lunch at FareStart.