While I did not pursue higher education directly after high school, my college degree changed my life. As the oldest of five kids in a single-parent household, I never considered a degree to be within my reach. I went to work right after high school at a series of administrative jobs where I quickly learned I had a knack for organization and managing people. But, I soon realized, because I didn’t have a college degree, I was having trouble reaching that next level opportunity.
I decided to go back to school – my two young children attended daycare at my school while I was in class. At school I polished my writing skills and realized I had a knack for business. In 2005, I graduated from Highline Community College, becoming the first person in my family to earn a college degree.
I now work for the Global Real Estate and Facilities (GREF) team at Amazon managing the Moves, Adds, and Changes program – or “MAC.” Every year my team oversees thousands of requests ranging from workspace reconfigurations to the design and build of Amazon’s Community Banana Stands.
I like to say going back to school completely ‘upped my game,’ and that is why I am delighted Amazon is taking part in DiscoverU’s week-long event encouraging local students to explore higher education in order to fulfill their career dreams. It was really awesome to see students from Evergreen High School taking a tour of Doppler, brainstorming the next best Kindle, and, most importantly, talking to Amazonians about their current roles and paths to Amazon. At the end of their visit, the students said they liked Amazon because it was vibrant, community-focused, and offered a variety of job options. I am confident our time spent with Renton High School and Cleveland High School later this week will be just as special.
My hope is that the students who visited Amazon are inspired to follow in the footsteps of the Amazonians they met and I hope they feel empowered to pursue higher education so they, (just like me!), get the opportunity to turn their unique passions into interesting, exciting careers.