Amazon employees raised the Kraken flag at our Seattle campus to cheer on our hometown NHL team ahead of Game 6 of the first round of the playoffs on April 28.
Amazonians spotted the flag above the iconic steps between Doppler and the Meeting Center in downtown Seattle.
Fans were also treated to the Spheres lit up in Kraken colors in honor of the team's playoff run.
Amazon's Spheres buildings at night, lit up in Kraken blues and purples
Even if you’re not a hockey fan, chances are you’ve heard the buzz around the Seattle Kraken recently, and with good reason. In only their second season, the Kraken are now the first-ever expansion team to beat the defending Stanley Cup champions in their first playoff series.
The Kraken won the Colorado Avalanche series in Game 7 on April 30 with a 2-1 win, advancing the Seattle team to round 2 of the playoffs.