With back-to-school season in full swing, Amazon made a special donation to Battle Creek Elementary School in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with the help of a surprise guest—U.S. Olympic champion Suni Lee. The $50,000 donation of school supplies and outdoor learning materials will support students' academic and social-emotional learning, along with helping teachers expand their curriculum in environmental education, science, technology, engineering, art, and math (E-STEAM).
Lee—a Battle Creek Elementary School alum—surprised hundreds of students and their families at the donation event. She reminded students to follow their dreams, talked about her pride in the local Hmong-American community, and discussed the importance of education.
“This community really helped me realize my passion as an athlete and a gymnast, and this community has also really supported me as I followed my dreams and competed in the Olympics,” Lee said to the students. “I’m thrilled to be part of Amazon’s back-to-school donation to my alma mater, and I’m hopeful that you continue to pursue your passions at school and beyond.”
Suni Lee stands next to the principal on a stage in front of a group of students at an elementary school. There is back-to-school items and an Amazon sign in the background.Photo by Getty Images for Amazon
At the event, students and their families also participated in E-STEAM activities from Amazon and all students received their own Olympic medal and take-home STEM toys.
“Even in elementary school, students are preparing and learning the foundational skills they need to take on any future challenge,” said Battle Creek Elementary School Principal Kristen Longway. “We take great pride in ensuring that students go to middle school having explored their career and college interests—and we’re so grateful for this generous donation from Amazon that will help students’ learning really blossom.”
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