Seven years ago we launched Amazon FreeTime, a dedicated service that helps parents manage the ways their kids interact with technology, including limiting screen time. FreeTime provides kids a safe place to enjoy age-appropriate books, movies, games, and more. Since then, parents of over 10 million kids have trusted FreeTime to give them the control they need to provide a safe place for their children to enjoy technology, and to rigorously protect the privacy of family members using Amazon products. We worked tirelessly to earn our customers’ trust, and have worked even harder to maintain it over the last seven years.

When we expanded FreeTime last year to include Alexa, we applied these same rigorous standards. We introduced an all-new version of Alexa, built from the ground up for kids, and a brand-new product, Echo Dot Kids Edition, to give parents more peace of mind. But we didn’t do this alone: we also worked closely with the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) and other leading industry groups, and followed industry best practices for securing verifiable parental consent.

Amazon has a longstanding commitment to preserve the trust of our customers and their families, we have strict measures and protocols in place to protect their security and privacy, and we adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Specific to Echo Dot Kids Edition and FreeTime on Alexa, we want you to know:

We require parental consent.

We require verifiable parental consent from all customers before enabling FreeTime on Alexa. Unless a parent has granted permission previously, the first time a parent attempts to set up FreeTime on Alexa, they will be prompted to provide verifiable parental consent on the Alexa App by entering their payment card verification code or a one-time code sent via SMS. Parents can review or change permissions by visiting the Manage Parental Consent page or by contacting Customer Service.

Kid skills in Amazon FreeTime do not collect personal information.

None of the Alexa skills included with the FreeTime Unlimited service have access to or collect personal information, and we never share audio recordings with any skill developer. Our policies prohibit kid skills from collecting any personal information without separately obtaining verifiable parental consent and disclosing the collection of this information in their privacy policy. Most kid skills do not provide a privacy policy simply because they do not collect any personal information.

There are multiple ways to delete a child's profile and recordings.

FreeTime on Alexa voice recordings are retained to enable parents to review and listen to their children's interactions with Alexa, to improve the child’s experience, and to improve our Alexa and FreeTime services. Parents can review and delete the voice recordings at any time in the Alexa App or on our website. Parents can also contact Customer Service to request deletion of their child’s profile and personal information associated with their child’s profile (including voice recordings).

There are multiple ways to access our Privacy Policy.

We provide customers multiple places to view our privacy policy. When parents set up Echo Dot Kids Edition or FreeTime on Alexa, they must give verifiable parental consent, consistent with COPPA. In the set-up experience, we provide key information regarding how Amazon handles personal information collected from Echo Dot Kids Edition, and we provide access to our Children’s Privacy Disclosure. Parents can also visit our Children’s Privacy Disclosure at any time in the Alexa App or on our website. There is also a link on the product page for the Dot Kids Edition titled, “Children’s privacy is important to Amazon. Learn more.” This link takes customers to the Alexa and Alexa Device FAQs page, where they can learn more about FreeTime on Alexa and how FreeTime on Alexa voice recordings are used, along with other information about Alexa and Echo Dot Kids Edition device. Parents can also ask Alexa directly, “Alexa, what is your privacy policy?”

We are committed to inventing new experiences that parents trust and kids enjoy, and privacy will continue to serve as the cornerstone, knowing that our customers have put their trust in us.

—The Amazon FreeTime Team