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Family Digital Well-Being

Kids may seem like tech experts, but they still need guidance from adults in their lives. That’s why Amazon offers a portfolio of products and services focused on the needs of kids and families. We’re here to help you create digital experiences you can feel good about.
Products and services created for families with trust in mind
We provide enriching digital experiences for kids, from easy-to-use controls to thoughtfully curated kids content, all built with trust by design.
Child sitting on porch, smiling while viewing content on his tablet.

An image of an Amazon Echo Show 5 device that reads "Kids Hits" and "Try 'Alexa, lets play a game'." The background shows a gold toy in the shape of a dog, a poster of the map of Australia, and assorted game cards.

Discover entertainment and education parents can trust with Alexa

Whether you have pre-schoolers or pre-teens, you can tailor Alexa to meet their interests—and choose the privacy and parental controls that make you comfortable. Learn more on how to get started.
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