We recently heard from Brent and Danielle, whose love story has a unique twist. They met, got to know one another, fell in love, and had their fairytale wedding—but unlike most love stories, Alexa was part of their story every step of the way.
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Here is their story, in Brent’s words:

The first date

We think it’s kind of funny that Alexa was an ongoing part of our relationship—in fact, Danielle and I sometimes joke that Alexa is the only reason she came over to my house for our first date and is why we’re together.
I had one of the original Echo devices, back when you had to be invited to purchase one. Danielle is a developer, and a big technology fan, so she wanted to get one. When she wasn’t selected, she learned I had one, she came over to my house to try it out.
She spent part of our first date asking Alexa random questions, just to see how it reacted. She wanted to see if she could stump Alexa with questions, and wanted to explore the different things it could do.

The proposal

Alexa was such a big part of our first date, so I knew when the time came to propose, Alexa had to be a part of it. I planned a vacation to Mexico, and I brought an Echo device along for the trip. I actually went out and bought the device just before the trip, and I remember Danielle even asking me why we needed another one.
At home, we use Alexa on a daily basis, and part of our routine is listening to our morning flash briefing. Sneakily, I had built a flash briefing skill that linked to a blog post I wrote. That blog post contained my proposal.
When the time was right, Danielle asked Alexa for the flash briefing, and Alexa started speaking. It started off like a regular flash briefing—but it started getting specific. I was trying to play it cool, and we were both sort of just looking at our phones, listening to Alexa in the background. However, as Alexa kept speaking, it started to recount our history as a couple, playing music that was special to us, and telling inside jokes. It took Danielle a few minutes, but she soon realized what was happening.
She was so excited—she quickly said yes, and then she immediately asked Alexa to start the flash briefing over again. She’d only been half paying attention, expecting her usual flash briefing, so of course we needed to hear it again!
Having Echo as my wingman, Danielle didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The wedding

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When our wedding came around, it only made sense for Alexa to be a part of it.
We were brainstorming ways that Alexa could be a part of our special day. Eventually, we decided that the best place for Alexa on our wedding day was as our cake topper. We did a buffet of desserts, and standing in the middle of it all were two Echo devices we’d bought just for the occasion.
When the wedding was over, we gifted those two Echo devices to our best man and maid of honor, as a thank you for standing with us on the big day.

The happily ever after

We have several Echo devices and supporting smart devices, like lights and Fire TV, all around our home. Our favorite is still the Echo, which has become a bit of a fun, ongoing theme for us as a couple.
We regularly use Alexa in our daily lives. We always look forward to new Alexa-enabled devices and the possibilities they can bring to our smart home automation and quality of life.
We love that Alexa could be an important part of Brent and Danielle’s love story—and beyond. Learn more about the ways you can use Alexa to make your life easier, and more fun.
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