School is starting and summer is coming to a close, meaning it’s time to get back into a routine. Alexa can help by taking the stress out of everyday tasks, including grocery shopping, meal planning, and reminding family members of daily chores. Alexa-enabled devices can also help with smart-home features, making your home work harder for you.
Here are just a few ways Alexa can help simplify your life:

Streamline grocery shopping

Prep for the week with Alexa Shopping Lists, grocery delivery, and meal suggestions. You can easily add items to your shopping list by telling your Alexa-enabled device, “Alexa, add ketchup to my shopping list.” You can access your list in the Alexa app or Amazon app anytime, including when you’re at the store, or share it with family members to have them pick things up for you.
Or use the Alexa app to order from the full catalogue of products at Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh stores. Schedule everything for delivery to your doorstep or use Amazon Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery, available in over 5,000 cities, if you need a bit more time and don’t want your groceries sitting out.

Get organized in the kitchen

Need some dinner inspiration? Find delicious recipes on Echo Show 10 by simply asking the device, “Alexa, what’s for dinner?” to receive ideas from Food Network Kitchen, Tasty, AllRecipes, and more. While prepping your meal, get fast and easy measurement conversions by saying, “Alexa, how many cups are in a quart?”
And if you’re stuck in a food rut and looking for convenience, just ask, “Alexa, where's my nearest takeout restaurant?" Or order a pizza for delivery with the Domino’s skill. Just say, “Alexa, open Domino’s,” and you can build a new order, track your order status, and more.
Once you’ve restocked the fridge, try asking Alexa how to store groceries to keep them fresh for longer. Ask questions about specific foods by saying, “Alexa, how do I store cucumbers?”

Simplify your schedules and routines

Conquer your busy schedule by multi-tasking with Alexa. Why watch water boil when you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows? Access entertainment from Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix using the Echo Show 10. With a screen that moves with you, your entertainment will always be in view. To get started, just say, “Alexa, open video home.”
Make sure no tasks are forgotten by assigning Alexa reminders to specific family members. Just say, “Alexa, remind Jordan to pick up milk at 6 p.m.” and Alexa will send a push notification to Jordan’s phone at 6 p.m. with the reminder. You can also stay in touch with friends and family, even while washing dishes in the kitchen, by asking Alexa to start a video call using Drop In or Zoom, available on Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10.
Setting multiple timers can help you stay on top of your schedule. Just say, “Alexa, create a new timer,” then set one timer for the food cooking in the oven, another to make sure the kids only spend only 30 minutes in front of the TV, and a final timer to remind you to unload the laundry in the basement.
You can even streamline your dinner experience by setting up Alexa Routines, which allow you to seamlessly bundle multiple tasks at once. Enable the Dinner Time routine so Alexa will announce dinner time on all your devices, set them to do not disturb for one hour, and play soft dinner music for a calming ambiance.

Make your home work harder for you

With Echo Show 10 and Ring Video Doorbell, you can see, hear, and speak to visitors at your front door without having to lift a finger.
To give your family a more interactive handwashing experience, the automatic Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser has a visual timer to help you wash your hands for 20 seconds, the minimum duration recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You can connect a compatible Echo device and create an Alexa Routine to have your Echo play songs, fun facts, jokes, and more while you wash.
You can also control the kitchen with Alexa-enabled appliances like the Amazon Basics Microwave and an Echo device, or use Amazon Smart Plugs to control devices like your coffee maker or enable hands-free lighting around your home by using Philips Hue Bulbs.
Alexa can help keep you and your family organized, so you can spend more time doing things you love rather than everyday tasks. Learn more about how Alexa can make your life easier here.