Amazon is proud to offer its Prime members fast delivery options, including Same-Day and One-Day Delivery.

An Amazon Prime membership comes with much more than fast, free delivery. Check out the shopping, entertainment, healthcare, and grocery benefits, plus updates available to members.

We also offer the Amazon Day delivery option, which gives Prime members the ability to choose a designated day of the week that makes sense for them to receive their orders—and it’s completely free.

Read on to learn when and why you may want to use Amazon Day.

A screenshot of the pop-up that lets Prime members choose their Amazon Day delivery date.

How does Amazon Day work?

Amazon Day is a free delivery option for Prime members that shows up at the checkout page for Prime-eligible items.

Select “Amazon Day,” then choose any day of the week for your orders to arrive. You can also save the selected day for future orders and make Amazon Day your default delivery option. You can always go back and change your default settings at any time.

When should you use Amazon Day?

You should use Amazon Day when you want your package on a specific day. Here are some possible scenarios:

  • When you’re traveling and want to receive your package at your destination once you arrive.
  • When you know you’ll be at home to receive the package.
  • When you want to place an order immediately but don’t need it until later.
  • When you have multiple items in your order with different delivery dates and you want to consolidate them into one delivery.
Three Amazon package deliveries stacked outside a front door.

Why should you use Amazon Day?

On top of making deliveries work for your personal schedule, choosing Amazon Day is a great way to combine multiple orders into one delivery, potentially reducing the amount of packaging you receive.

Amazon Day deliveries use 30% fewer boxes on average, and in 2022, saved 180 million boxes.

From reducing packaging to increasing the use of materials that can be easily recycled, Amazon is committed to reinventing how orders are shipped for the good of customers and the planet.

How do I earn rewards using Amazon Day?

Your Amazon Day order may be eligible for a promotional reward. It automatically applies to your Amazon account once your package ships, and it usually applies to digital products such as eBooks, digital video downloads, and digital music. You can view your Amazon Day reward balance here.

A delivery driver for Amazon bends down to deliver a package on a front porch.

Eligible items for Amazon Day delivery

Most Prime-eligible items that are shipped by Amazon qualify for Amazon Day. You can see a full list of exceptions here.

Be sure to make full use of all your Amazon Prime benefits, including Amazon Day. Choose your Amazon Day here or add eligible items to your cart to get started.