Whether you’re playing video games or using your favorite mobile app, Amazon is extending the fun within virtual worlds and interactive digital environments with a new immersive shopping experience called Amazon Anywhere.

With Amazon Anywhere, you can now discover and buy physical products from Amazon stores without ever having to leave your game or app. You can experience Amazon Anywhere’s first launch within Peridot, a new real-world augmented reality game from Niantic (the makers of Pokémon Go). The game features unique virtual pets powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s now available on iOS and Android devices.

How does it work?

Introducing the New Immersive Shopping Experience for Video Games | Amazon News

Amazon Anywhere helps bring the magic of Peridot from augmented reality to reality with an engaging in-game physical merchandise store. When playing Peridot, you can access physical products within the game as you care for one-of-a-kind creatures and explore the world together.

After seamlessly linking your Amazon account to Peridot, you can find Peridot-branded products such as T-shirts, hoodies, phone accessories, and throw pillows featuring artwork of magical creatures from the game. You’ll see the familiar product details, images, availability, Prime eligibility, price, and estimated delivery date as you would in Amazon stores.

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It’s easy to then tap the “buy” button and check out using your linked Amazon account without leaving the game. Products will ship to you like any other purchase from Amazon, and you can track and manage orders via the Amazon app.

What’s different about Amazon Anywhere?

We’re creating a new landscape for shoppable entertainment and digital experiences while continuing to meet our customers where they are, with the products they love. Most shopping in virtual worlds is currently limited to purchases of virtual currency and in-game digital items, with no easy path to purchase physical products. We want to change that.

With Amazon Anywhere, we’re bringing the convenience and ease of shopping in Amazon stores to Peridot. There’s a sense of excitement in discovering unique and relevant items within the game that you can get delivered right to your door.

You don’t have to leave your game or app to purchase physical products—simply enjoy your experience of engaging with the fun things you’ll find. Once you’re ready to buy, you can expect the same great selection, low prices, easy checkout, fast delivery, and best-in-class customer support as you would from shopping in Amazon stores.

What if I’m a creator?

Amazon Anywhere is also for creators and developers of virtual worlds, video games, or mobile apps looking to extend their digital experience into the physical world. They can now curate products from the breadth of Amazon’s selection, including a brand’s own merchandise.

Prime members can access new games and in-game content at no additional cost with Prime Gaming.

Developers and creators are able to broaden in-game or in-app environments to offer more than digital products, opening up a new way to engage their audiences without worrying about selection, shipping, or fulfillment. Instead, they can focus on creating incredible experiences.

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