Just five months after launching, Buy with Prime is amplifying its benefits with all-new marketing solutions to help sellers reach Amazon’s engaged shoppers and drive sales on their own brand’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce store.
DTC online sellers typically struggle with two key pain-points: driving traffic and converting shoppers. Buy with Prime helps sellers convert shoppers by offering shopping benefits that millions of Prime members love and trust—including fast, free delivery and a seamless checkout experience. These marketing solutions are the next step in helping Buy with Prime sellers attract more engaged shoppers to their sites.

Advertise Buy with Prime products on Amazon

Participating sellers can showcase their DTC products on Amazon with a new Buy with Prime page within their brand’s store, a customizable multipage storefront on Amazon available for brands. Sellers can then direct Amazon shoppers to those DTC products by using Sponsored Brands, which are customizable ads for brands.
Sponsored Brands appear in prominent places within shopping results on Amazon. When a shopper clicks on one of those ads, it takes them to the new Buy with Prime page within the brand store’s page on Amazon. From this new page, shoppers can preview product details—and choose to purchase the product directly from the seller, off Amazon, using Buy with Prime.
Together, Sponsored Brands ads and the new Buy with Prime stores pages help Buy with Prime sellers reach relevant shoppers on Amazon and direct them to their own DTC sites. Both solutions are now available in an invitation-only beta.

Reach more shoppers on Facebook and Instagram

Co-branded Buy with Prime social media ads, which are funded and managed by Amazon, help participating Buy with Prime sellers reach shoppers on Facebook and Instagram and drive traffic to products on their DTC sites. Potential customers see ads from Amazon’s Buy with Prime page on Facebook and Instagram that feature specific sellers. When the shopper clicks on that ad, they’re taken to a Buy with Prime product detail page where they can purchase directly from the seller. Co-branded social media ads are now available in an invitation-only beta.

Marketing to Prime Members

The Buy with Prime Marketing Toolkit allows sellers to leverage the recognized and trusted Prime brand to drive shoppers to their DTC sites. The toolkit provides the Buy with Prime badge, which sellers can feature in their marketing alongside their own brand and Buy with Prime products. This enables sellers to show they offer Prime shopping benefits on their own DTC site—including fast free delivery; a seamless checkout experience; and free returns on eligible orders. The Buy with Prime Marketing Toolkit is a free resource available to all sellers with active Buy with Prime product listings.

What companies are using Buy with Prime?

Brands like Epic Water Filters and Great Circle Machinery are already seeing the benefits of Buy with Prime.
“Conversion on our site has increased over 40% since we started using Buy with Prime, and we expect that number to go up,” said Oliver Crane, chief operating officer of Epic Water Filters. “Being able to offer Prime shopping benefits and reach more customers interested in our products—that’s huge for a small business like us. The Buy with Prime badge shows customers they can buy our products, directly from us, with the backing and trust of Prime.”
“It’s tough to gain shoppers' trust to make a purchase on our own website, but the Buy with Prime badge gives them peace of mind knowing their orders are fulfilled by Amazon with the Prime delivery promise,” added Patrick Sean Briseno, ecommerce and marketing manager at Great Circle Machinery. “Buy with Prime already accounts for about half of our total sales on our site. We’re excited to see how our sales grow as we take advantage of these new marketing solutions that help us reach more Prime members.”

Interested in learning more about Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is available by invitation only. If you’re a seller interested in offering Buy with Prime on your direct-to-consumer (DTC) store, join our interest list for updates on upcoming future opportunities.
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