This Women's History Month, we are working with influential voices like fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, actress Keke Palmer, and style blogger Chriselle Lim⁠—all champions for women in entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs themselves⁠—to encourage customers to support women-owned small businesses.

Amazon cares about the success of our small business partners, and we have invested billions of dollars in tools, services, programs, and people to support small and medium-sized sellers’ growth. Supporting small businesses is a fundamental part of Amazon's work and an extension of our customer-centric culture. Our success depends on the success of small business sellers.

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Throughout Women’s History Month, we are connecting customers to a range of women-owned small businesses they can discover and support on This includes showing off curated products by von Furstenberg, Palmer, and Lim. Of her selections, von Furstenberg said, “Each of the women entrepreneurs behind my small business picks are not only making a name for themselves, but also inspiring others along the way through their vision, grit, and ingenuity.”

Customers can explore the celebrity picks, read stories about inspiring entrepreneurs, and shop thousands of products from nearly 200 women-owned small businesses.

Shop products from a range of small businesses and learn more about the women behind them.

Additionally, we’re launching “Women-Owned Small Businesses | Amazon Conversation Series,” a video conversation series between von Furstenberg, Palmer, and Lim and other women entrepreneurs who sell in our store. In these candid conversations, these business leaders share their experiences of being a woman and an entrepreneur today, and they discuss everything from creating your own pathway to success, to being a Black woman and business leader, to the importance of entrepreneurship as an avenue for women's empowerment and agency. You can learn more about the series, which launches on International Women’s Day, March 8, below:

On March 8, join Keke Palmer for ‘Redefining who gets to be a business success story’

For this conversation, Palmer sits down with Eunique Jones Gibson, the founder and CEO of #CultureTags, and Obia Ewah, the founder and CEO of OBIA Naturals, to discuss their experiences as self-made Black women and entrepreneurs, and how they are all championing more diverse leadership in business.

An image of the women featured in this story.

“My work to uplift other women who look like me is something I’m committed to every single day,” said Palmer. “As I evolve as a businesswoman and leader, I am inspired by the opportunity to connect with the women growing small businesses in Amazon’s store, and their work to represent themselves and their communities through their amazing ideas.”

On March 15, join Diane von Furstenberg for ‘Reinventing who gets to be a household brand’

For her conversation, von Furstenberg sits down with Sashee Chandran, the founder and CEO of Tea Drops, and Sabine Josephs, the founder and CEO of All of Us Crayons. The women discuss what it takes to build the next brand name while carving out your own path and model for success.

An image of the women featured in this story.

“As a dedicated champion for gender equity, I am happy to once again join with Amazon to amplify voices for female founders," said von Furstenberg. "As a female founder, the commitment to empowering other female founders is not only essential, but personal.”

On March 22, join Chriselle Lim for ‘Building the career you want’

In this conversation, Lim sits down with Lauren Rome, the founder and CEO of Romer Skincare, and Caron Proschan, the founder and CEO of Simply Gum, to chat about their entrepreneurship philosophies, how they took the leap into entrepreneurship, and why starting a business is the pathway to living the lives they want.

An image of the women featured in this story.

“I’ve built my life and career by building my community, and I’m extremely connected to the female entrepreneurs selling in Amazon’s store, as many of them have built their businesses by connecting with and providing solutions for communities of people that need their products," said Lim. "I’m honored to be a part of telling their stories this Women’s History Month and hope this empowers other budding female entrepreneurs to take charge of their dreams.”

Tune into each of these conversations, and shop von Furstenberg’s, Palmer’s, and Lim’s picks from women-owned small businesses.