Supporting small businesses is a fundamental part of our work and an extension of our customer-centric culture. Small businesses selling in our store help us provide customers with even greater selection, lower prices, and more convenience. During Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the many Hispanic businesses selling on Amazon, and we’d like to share some of their stories. These three Hispanic-owned small businesses have used Amazon as a springboard to grow their businesses amid changing demands, and in the midst of a challenging year for small businesses, Amazon's commitment to helping these sellers remains steadfast.

Andean artisanship

Hispanic-owned small business: Rumi Sumaq

Rumi Sumaq was born from artisanal heritage. Native to the highlands of Peru, designer Coco Paniora Salinas developed a spiritual connection to the Andean landscape and its influences at a young age. His mother was a master weaver of traditional Peruvian textiles, which inspired his love of fiber work and design. Salinas has sold his metal and macramé jewelry in Amazon’s store since 2015. His bestsellers are multi-color string woven bracelets that are handmade from his home in Massachusetts. Through Amazon, he has been able to push the boundaries of his business, share his heritage, and showcase the craftsmanship of his designs. Shop Rumi Sumaq.

Making it work

Hispanic-owned small business: Hygenoma

Ingenuity and pragmatism are key ingredients for any entrepreneur. Add to that the immediate and urgent need for sanitizer during a pandemic, and the idea for Hygenoma’s moisturizing hand sanitizer was born. Bottled and tested in Miami, Florida, Hispanic-owned Hygenoma offers fragrance free and lavender hand sanitizer infused with aloe vera and vitamins A, C, and E. As first-time online sellers, Amazon provided the tools, guidance and advice that helped this new brand to launch its product. Shop Hygenoma.

Sustainable and spiritual

Hispanic-owned small business: Luna Sundara

Sold in Amazon’s store since 2015, Luna Sundara invites customers to trace the origins of its products to the jungles and forests of Ecuador and northern Peru. Seller Sandra Manay from New York City prides herself in offering responsibly sourced Palo Santo. Known for its many properties and uses, Palo Santo is sourced from Bursera graveolens trees native to the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the base of all Luna Sundara products, from essential oils to incense sticks. Manay buys directly from farmers and artisans, creating jobs in rural communities and personalizing the buying experience. With Amazon, Luna Sundara can access an international market while maintaining its roots in local artisanship. Manay attributes most of her sales to Amazon because her store showcases the creation of her Palo Santo products. “I’m happy to share with the world the art and people of Peru and Ecuador,” said Manay. Shop Luna Sundara.

Support Hispanic-owned small businesses this Prime Day

Amazon is increasing its commitment to small business selling partners by designing Prime Day to support them with its biggest small business promotion yet. Now through October 12, Amazon will offer Prime members a $10 credit to use on Prime Day when members spend $10 on items sold by select small businesses in Amazon’s store. This Prime Day, and throughout the holiday season, Amazon will spend more than $100 million on promotional activities to help small businesses around the world increase their sales and reach new customers. This has been a challenging year for many small businesses, but selling in Amazon’s store has enabled hundreds of thousands of smaller companies to sustain and even grow their businesses despite the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

This year, Prime Day is on October 13 and 14, which lands towards the end of Hispanic Heritage month. So, it’s a perfect time to shop deals, shop small, uncover cultural gems, and support small sellers, which include these great Hispanic businesses.

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