Over the past year, we’ve come to understand how deeply pets can bring us meaning. Often our best friends, our pets became even more involved in our lives as we spent more time at home. Our pets became our coworkers, exercise buddies, and therapists.
With pet adoptions increasing, many entrepreneurs who run small and medium-sized businesses in the Amazon store have helped customers keep the new furry members of the family groomed, entertained, and cared for.
More than half of all products sold in Amazon’s store are sold by small and medium-sized businesses, and more than 80,000 of them specialize in supplies for pets. In the last year, the entrepreneurs sold over 180 million pet supplies in Amazon’s store, and nearly 25,000 of the sellers were new to Amazon’s store.
They are part of a growing category in the Amazon store. In fact, pet supply sales by our third-party sellers increased more than 60% in the past year. The leading products are grooming supplies, which saw sales increase by nearly 110%. Pet parents also bought more than $300 million in dog treats from our third-party small and medium-sized business sellers this past year—an increase of more than 40%.
A golden doodle dog sits with a toy in front of a stack of Rocco & Roxie boxes.
Perhaps most impressive is that some of these entrepreneurs are utilizing their business growth to give back to the pet community. One such seller, Rocco & Roxie Supply Co., sells a variety of premium pet products in Amazon’s store. This year, Rocco & Roxie partnered with the Labelle Foundation, a foster-based animal rescue devoted to saving, rehabilitating, and advocating for dogs. Together, the companies are helping dogs find loving forever homes.
Rocco & Roxie provided welcome home packages, dollar-matched adoption fees, offered discounts on their products, and donated 20% of their sales using a unique code in March to support Labelle Foundation initiatives. Rocco & Roxie co-hosted a fundraiser in early May with the Labelle Foundation to drive awareness for pet adoption and sheltering. During the weekend event, all proceeds from Rocco & Roxie’s website were donated to the Labelle Foundation, and shoppers had the opportunity to make an additional donation at checkout to support the foundation.
Entrepreneurs are known to be passionate. So are pet people. Mix the two, add a great cause, and you have a recipe for success—both for Amazon sellers and the rescue pets who have found their forever home.
To learn more about how Amazon is supporting shelters during National Pet Month, visit www.amazon.com/adopt-a-shelter.