Torazz Richardson, 25, is a delivery driver for TuCasa LLC, an Amazon Delivery Service Partner in the Washington, D.C., area. He gives us a behind-the-doors tour of his van and tells us about his favorite features.
More from Torazz, in his own words:
I’ve been working as a delivery associate making deliveries for Amazon customers in Maryland and Washington, D.C., for two years. When I’m delivering packages, I’m usually driving a Ram ProMaster van.
Torazz Richardson sits in the front seat of a delivery vehicle and looks at a smartphone attached to the dashboard.

Safety and technology features

There are tools and technology in my van that I use every day to help keep me and the community where I drive safe.
First up are the cameras. A lot of people have rearview cameras in their cars, and I have two in my van—one in the center console and one near my rearview mirror. There’s also in-vehicle camera safety technology, which gives me real-time coaching and reminders on things like wearing my seat belt, driving the speed limit, stopping at stop signs, increasing my following distance, and other things like that.
I have another piece of technology in the van called Fleet Edge. Fleet Edge is an in-vehicle computer, street-view camera, and GPS receiver. This technology detects changes in roads, traffic signs, and highways. Fleet Edge continuously refreshes on-road information in our mapping software and provides me the most up-to-date routing data when I’m delivering packages.
Behind the passenger seat, I keep a first-aid kit, shovel, snow scraper, a trash can, and a hand cart for heavy packages.
The dashboard of inside an Amazon delivery vehicle.

Music and snacks

I love the USB ports in this van. I plug in my phone, put my Bluetooth on, and I can listen to anything I like—usually R&B music. The cupholders in my van can hold up to three water bottles, but I typically like to have two waters and leave the other spot to hold my snacks. My favorites are fruit snacks and granola bars.
The inside of the back of an Amazon delivery vehicle where deliveries are stored.

Storing the packages

With the flip of a latch, I can open the bulkhead doors, which lead into the cargo space. On one side of the van, I have black, green, yellow, and blue tote bags lined up. They’re filled with envelopes and small and medium-sized boxes. Each tote holds about 15-20 packages, depending on the size. On the opposite side, folding shelving units hold oversized boxes.
This van can hold about 350 packages, but that doesn’t mean each driver will deliver that many each day. It may be a little more. It may be a little less.
Torazz Richardson stands in the back of the delivery vehicle and picks up a delivery box.
These are just some of the features of my van. You can see more in my van tour video on the Amazon News YouTube channel.
To learn more about Amazon’s delivery operations, visit Amazon, Delivered.