Lillian Kuang rolled up her sleeve because she wants to protect her grandmother as she fights cancer. Victor Belcastro also volunteered to get vaccinated against COVID-19, saying: “The more people that get the vaccine, the faster we can get back to normal life.”
Kuang and Belcastro, both pharmacists, were among several Amazon healthcare employees who let us tag along as they received vaccination shots in late January. In the video above, watch how the drive-through vaccination clinic worked and listen to the employees talk—through masks--about what the vaccine means to them.
“I have so many family members that are high-risk,” Kuang said. “My grandmother does have cancer. I want to protect those that can’t receive the vaccine.”
Eunice Kim, a trainer at Amazon Pharmacy, said she was excited to get the vaccine because she hasn’t seen her family in more than a year. Morris Berez, a certified pharmacy technician at Amazon Pharmacy, added: “COVID has made me realize: Life is too short.”
Eligibility timelines vary across the U.S., but Amazon is working hard to get access as quickly as possible for our front-line employees. Please consult your local health authority for information about vaccine availability and eligibility requirements in your region. We hope all employees choose to get vaccinated when they are able. Experts say approved vaccines are safe and effective, and will help us return to normal.
Amazon will continue investing and offering our capabilities to help protect our employees and communities around the world. Learn more about our efforts on Amazon’s COVID-19 vaccination and testing blog.