Veterans Day has unique significance here at Amazon. In the late 1990s, as the company quickly expanded its fulfillment network to serve a growing number of customers in the United States, we had a real need to hire individuals with a strong bias for action – leaders who could invent, think big, and deliver results for customers. We found all of these leadership qualities in former Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard service members.
It is because of these men and women, who have served in times of war and peace that we have been able to grow our fulfillment network. As a nation, we express gratitude for their bravery. As a company, we appreciate them for their ability to continuously drive innovation and raise the bar for everyone here at Amazon.
So far in 2015, Amazon has hired more than 3,800 military veterans into full-time roles across the company here in the United States. Since 2011, when we launched the Amazon Military Talent Partnership (AMTP), a team of military recruiters including veterans from all branches of the armed forces, we have hired over 10,000 veterans.
On a daily basis, those with military backgrounds are able to apply their knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities in a wide variety of careers. Whether veterans are leading hundreds of Amazon fulfillment associates through daily process improvements or working in a technical specialist role solving complex problems at the corporate level, they have the opportunity to make quick assessments, implement plans, and drive them to completion.
We’ve found that hiring military veterans is not only a good match from the company’s perspective, but it also provides a great and meaningful transition for veterans looking to launch a new career – to find their next mission.
Josh Teeter, a former enlisted Army soldier who began his Amazon career as a temporary fulfillment center associate and now is regional director of Amazon operations, explains it this way: “Once finished with military service, most veterans search to find another meaningful mission. They want to ensure their work has a continued sense of purpose. Amazon’s commitment to hiring and developing veterans reflects its customer-centric focus and has provided me with the career opportunities to succeed.”
Many general managers, analysts, area managers, process assistants, directors, hourly associates, technicians, and HR professionals at Amazon have military backgrounds. These employees comprise a huge network, aptly named Amazon Warriors. Petty officers, admirals, mechanics, and captains work side-by-side on a daily basis, supporting one another and sharing past experiences. This was most telling over the summer when thousands of fulfillment center associates across the United States asked Amazon, through their votes, to make charitable contributions to military-affiliated organizations. As a result, Amazon donated a total of $135,000 to Operation Homefront and Fisher House.
Simply put, supporting active and former military is important to Amazon.
Thank you to military veterans across the globe, and thank you to the Amazon Warriors who continue to raise the bar and deliver results on behalf of our customers. Happy Veterans Day!