Amazon’s dog-obsessed culture started with one impossibly cute Corgi named Rufus. Rufus was a regular around the office in the early days of, and employees used his paw to click the computer mouse to launch some of the first pages in our store.
Dogs have become an important part of our company ever since, and though work looks a bit different now, Amazon’s love for dogs—and pets of all kinds—has held strong throughout the years.
An animated GIF showing various images of Amazon employees with their dogs in the office and at the dog parks on campus.
There are now more than 10,000 dogs registered to come to work at over 100 Amazon offices across the U.S. and Australia, and that number continues to grow as we add more dog-friendly offices in the U.S. On top of that, there are even more pets making appearances on virtual channels like company chats and video calls. Keep reading to learn more about the pets who help make Amazon a great place to work.

Woof From Office (WFO)

Amazon has a program called Dogs at Work that helps employees bring their dogs to work in a safe way. Some of the program perks include designated spaces for dogs to play, dog-friendly events, discounted pet insurance, welcome packages for registered dogs, and of course, free treats. Employees who want to bring their dogs to the office can simply register their dog with program, and then the pup gets a sweet badge that gives them access to their assigned building. Heathcliff was kind enough to show us his badge at the Amazon Studios office in Culver City, California.
An animated GIF showing several photos of dogs with their parents at the Amazon offices in Seattle. There are statistics overlaying each image. These include: "114 dog-friendly offices," "Longest dog name: Maple Whilhelmina, Devourer of Souls," and "10,470 dogs registered (and counting!)"
Many employees say their favorite part about bringing their dogs to the office is seeing their colleagues light up when they spot their furry companions in hallways or snuggling under desks. Picasso, a spotted Dachshund in Seattle, likes to snuggle in a nice fluffy bed by his mom's feet.
The dogs love hanging out with their favorite coworkers, too—both humans and fellow doggos. Hugo even doles out high fives to help keep his team motivated.
Many offices were built with dogs in mind, and the Dogs at Work program is considered in every new corporate office lease. Dog-friendly features at some Amazon offices include paw wash stations and decked-out dog parks. The Dogs at Work program keeps these spaces running smoothly, and they also make sure the reception desks are stocked with treats—because everyone deserves a tasty snack on a day at the office!
In addition to being adorable, office dogs provide some cool benefits. Many participants in the Dogs at Work program say their dog is the reason they have met so many people in the office. There are also several studies that show dogs can have a positive impact on people’s mental and physical health, reducing tension in stressful moments and motivating people to be more active.

Woof From Home (WFH)

As our workplace has evolved over the years, employees aren't at the office every work day, but their pets still get to see their favorite colleagues on video calls and company chat groups during work-from-home days. The Amazon Puppers chat has 14,000 members sharing photos of their dogs. Employees can check in anytime to view a fresh selection of adorable photos throughout the day.

Don't forget about the other pet species...

Even the cats—a notoriously independent species—feel comfortable making an appearance on video calls and company chat groups. The Amazon Kitty Cats Meow group has 6,000 members who post cute cat photos, rescue stories, and memes every day.
And the Pets of Amazon channel offers a home for all of the proud pet owners across the company. Here, employees share pictures of all types of pets from bunnies to hedgehogs and guinea pigs to a one-eyed Axolotls named Winky!

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