Maternity and parental leave
Amazon offers a range of fully paid maternity and paternity leave options for parents prior to and following the birth or adoption of a child. This includes our industry-unique Leave Share and a flexible return-to-work program known as Ramp Back. Parental options require at least one year of continuous service by the date of a child’s birth or adoption placement.
Time off
Amazon believes it’s essential that employees take advantage of time away from work to recharge and renew. Depending on eligibility, employees accrue paid and unpaid time off throughout the year and are encouraged to make the most of it. Hourly employees earn time and a half if they work on Amazon holidays including New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
“The offer”
Amazon offers associates a program we hope they never take: up to $5,000 to quit. We want people working at Amazon who want to be here. The goal is to encourage fulfillment associates to take a moment and think about what they really want. In the long-term, we believe staying somewhere you don’t want to be isn’t healthy for our employees or for the company. Mid-winter every year, “the offer” is extended to full-time regular associates.