Upskilling 2025 success stories

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Hear from current and former Amazon employees about how Upskilling 2025 programs have changed their careers and lives.
  • Skills today for tomorrow’s jobs
    “Being able to evolve your skills, upskill them and challenge yourself in that way is critical. It feels really good to say ‘I was a marketer and now I’m an engineer on Twitch Prime,’” said Chelsea James, Former Amazon Technical Academy student.

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    A man and woman work on side-by-side laptop computers in a group setting
    Amazon Technical Academy students collaborate on solving a coding problem.
  • A tech job without college
    “It was probably one of the biggest deals that happened in my life, knowing that Amazon would put even more effort into developing me. I just needed somebody to give me a chance,” said Andre Grass who switched from a job readying Amazon customers’ orders to his current roles as an IT technician. Hear how on-the-job training prepared Andre for a new career here.

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    Two men stand side by side working on laptop computers.
  • Cleared for takeoff
    “I’ve always wanted to be in this industry and just never had the opportunity. Amazon made this happen for me and I’m just so excited about it,” said Colleen Woods, Graduate of the Career Choice Aerospace Program

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  • Veteran apprentices graduate into Amazon jobs
    “The (Amazon) apprenticeship has given me the tools and knowledge I need to be marketable in today's workforce. Before the apprenticeship, I did not know where to begin. I thought I would have a very difficult time competing in today's fast-paced tech world. Now, I hold multiple IT and AWS certifications, and feel confident that I have the skill set necessary to have a successful career,” said Joshua Tanton, Amazon Technical Apprenticeship graduate, Amazon Cloud Support Associate, and US Army Veteran.

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    A man wearing a "warriors @ Amazon" shirt hugs a woman. Next to him, another woman smiles. Behind him, two men stand near an Amazon military sign.
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  • Building herself a great story
    “My career is on a new, different path. I went from my job at Amazon to now I’m one-on-one with students. If it wasn’t for Career Choice and me taking my path with Amazon, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get here,” said Jamie Davis, American Red Cross CPR Instructor and former Amazonian.

    Meet Jamie
    Former Amazon employee and current CPR instructor Jamie Davis
    Through Amazon's Career Choice program, Jamie Davis learned the skills to become a CPR instructor.
    Photo by JORDAN STEAD / Amazon
  • Skills today for tomorrow’s jobs
  • A tech job without college
  • Cleared for takeoff
  • Veteran apprentices graduate into Amazon jobs
  • Building herself a great story
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