Amazon Web Services (AWS) is accepting applications from startups for two accelerator programs. Ten startups will be selected to participate in each of the following programs:

Startups play an important role in driving innovation that improves lives and addresses issues facing societies, governments, and industries. For more than 15 years, AWS has empowered startups to take on massive challenges and build lasting companies with far-reaching impact. The AWS Startups team is made up of ex-founders, venture capitalists, technologists, product leaders, and subject matter experts who support startups every day in different ways, including through accelerator programs like these that provide support and fuel innovation in specific areas. The programs we've launched build on successful 2021 AWS accelerators for space and clean energy startups.

The First Movers Coalition targets emission reductions in aviation, ocean shipping, steel, and trucking, reflecting Amazon’s continuing investment in decarbonizing technologies.

While each four-week program is designed for a specific cohort and challenge, participants across the board gain access to powerful support, guidance, and perks such as:

  • Up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits to use toward cloud infrastructure and advanced services
  • Collaboration opportunities with AWS customers and members of the AWS Partner Network
  • Marketing and go-to-market support
  • Specialized AWS training and mentoring from domain and technical subject matter experts
  • Guidance on business development and fundraising from AWS and accelerator program collaborators
  • Opportunity to network with other startup founders who are navigating similar challenges

Applications for the AWS Space Accelerator and AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator programs are open now through April 15.

AWS Space Accelerator

Exactly 75 years ago this month, a camera aboard a V-22 rocket returned the first photograph captured just above the Karman Line, the official boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Advances in engineering are helping to transport human technology far beyond Earth’s atmosphere. As the rapid pace of innovation continues across the global aerospace industry, much of that innovation will continue to come from startups.

This is why we’re launching the next AWS Space Accelerator, in collaboration with AlchemistX. The program is open to space startups around the world with innovative ideas for using the cloud to reimagine solutions for both government and commercial space missions.

The 2022 AWS Space Accelerator builds on the success of the 2021 cohort of startups, which represented an amazing breadth of solutions related to Earth observation, robotics, spacecraft launch and delivery, spacecraft hardware and software, satellite operations, human space travel, and launch operations.

“The accelerator opened the eyes of our team to all of the opportunities and challenges in the emerging space market,” said Adam Kaplan, CEO of Edgybees. Learn more about this announcement and the AWS Space Accelerator.

AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator

Cities occupy just 3% of the Earth's land but account for 75% of carbon emissions. With the urban population expected to grow from 4 billion to 6 billion people by 2045, developing sustainable cities is a critical part of the fight against climate change.

The AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator—launching in collaboration with Freshwater Advisors and Public Spend Forum—focuses on a specific and critical part of the equation: mobility and transportation. AWS is looking for mature clean-tech startups from around the world that are working on micro-mobility, last-mile delivery, urban parking and route optimization, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and applications, Internet of Things (IoT) transportation and traffic optimization, or other solutions to promote sustainable transportation and mobility in urban settings.

The goal is to help these startups learn how to innovate and accelerate their growth through advanced cloud-based technologies. This is the second sustainability-focused accelerator program, with last year’s AWS Clean Energy Accelerator resulting in multiple commercial pilot deployments for participating startups.

“The AWS Clean Energy Accelerator was a comprehensive program that educated me on all aspects of our business—go-to-market strategy, policy and regulation, funding resources, and much more,” said James Larson, CEO of E-Zinc. “I also developed some fantastic relationships during the program and am truly grateful for the connections I made.”

Learn more about this announcement and the AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator.