Have you ever wondered, “What is machine learning? Why do they call it ‘big data?’” Are you curious about the Internet of Things? Or want to understand the cloud?
Customers can now dive into Amazon Web Services (AWS) online courses for free at Amazon.com. The program offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level courses on topics like cloud computing and technology, crafted by AWS employees who are experts in their field. The catalog of content currently includes 100 courses across 10 cloud technology areas of focus, providing learners who are seeking to grow their career, improve their earning potential, become more proficient in their current role, make a role change, or lead their organization through a cloud transformation, with the necessary skills to do so.
Expert AWS Cloud technologists and instructors bring a rich set of courses with an intuitive and engaging learning experience, right on Amazon.com. Learners can discover and take an AWS online course in the same way they buy a Kindle book or watch a Prime Video show. As with Kindle and Prime Video libraries, Your Courses is only a click away. In Your Courses, customers can start learning, resume a course, track progress, and discover new topics to explore.
“I am excited to see online training courses from AWS Training and Certification launched on Amazon.com. Two of the courses I have worked on—AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and AWS Technical Essentials—are fundamental for anyone who is just beginning their cloud journey with AWS. Beyond those two courses, we offer a selection of courses covering different domains and experience levels for learners to dive into, including networking, databases, security, IoT, and more.” —Morgan Willis, principal cloud technologist at AWS
"Now that we are launching online courses on Amazon.com, I’m excited to see even more people get access to the best training. If you are an expert looking to learn more about machine learning or someone starting with the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, which I am proud to have been a part of, you will find something to help boost your journey." —Blaine Sundred, senior cloud technologist at AWS
Learners will be able to find and select courses in specific topics, review their course library, and pick up their learning wherever they left off on Amazon.com. AWS courses are a mix of video, text, downloadable files, and knowledge checks to provide engaging content throughout the course.
The new AWS Courses are available to all customers on Amazon.com/courses.