As everyday routines continue to shift, many people find themselves with more time to read and to explore their passions, such as writing. Millions of writers around the world use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to build successful careers with self-publishing, so Amazon decided to look at which cities and states in the U.S. see the most literary activity from self-published authors.
Writers all around the world are pursuing their dream of writing a book and building full-time writing careers supporting their families. In addition to their a la carte book sales, KDP authors earn money from the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select Global Fund for their participation in Kindle Unlimited, Kindle’s subscription service. In the last twelve months, authors earned more than $334 million from the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select Global Fund, totaling more than $1.2 billion since the launch of Kindle Unlimited. Additionally, in 2019, thousands of independent authors earned more than $50,000 in royalties, with more than a thousand surpassing $100,000 in royalties through KDP.
Hear from some of the amazing authors using KDP to self-publish books, grow successful careers, and connect with millions of readers across the globe.
A woman sits in a living room setting, holding two books she wrote and self-published.

Kennedy Ryan

"I’d heard from too many author friends who’d encountered roadblocks and gatekeepers who didn’t see the potential for their work in traditional publishing, particularly when it comes to representation. I knew I wanted to be empowered to have more control over my career as a writer, where I wouldn’t have to compromise on diversity or be told there wasn't an audience for my work. I would not be able to reach hundreds of thousands of readers and support my family as a full-time author without KDP. It has changed my life in bigger ways than I could have imagined."
Ryan is a RITA Award Winner and USA Today bestseller, who writes for women from all walks of life, empowering them and placing them firmly at the center of each story and in charge of their own destinies. Their heroes respect, cherish and lose their minds for the women who capture their hearts.
A woman holds three books for children that she self-published on KDP

Dr. Dhoot

"I have a PhD in Chemistry and have been passionate about introducing more kids to Science, Math, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) fields my whole career. Once I had my first child, I realized that there was a gap in age-appropriate books about STEM and was ready to write my own. KDP works for me because I can build my writing schedule around my other career and set my own deadlines. I also enjoy the challenge of learning about marketing and the other business side of the business. With KDP, I get to be the CEO of my brand and explore the entrepreneurial side of myself."
Dr. Dhoot is the author of the Tinker Toddlers series of books providing simple explanations of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topics. She aims to expose the littlest learners to emerging STEM concepts early on to accelerate the absorption of complex topics later.
A man stands in a covered walkway near a wall of glass. He looks away from the photographer, as the photo catches his profile.Read more about Author Andrew Watts

Andrew Watts

"After honing my leadership skills in the U.S. Navy, and working in the corporate world for a few years, I was ready to take the leap to writing full time. My creative writing hobby had become a real passion, and a viable option to pay the bills. And self-publishing gave me the path to be my own boss. The discipline and work ethic I learned from the military helped me succeed. As my career has grown, I’ve also been able to start a publishing company that helps other authors succeed and employs veterans and veteran spouses. My dream to run my own business while making money doing what I love has come to life tenfold with KDP."
Andrew Watts is the USA TODAY bestselling author of Max Fend thrillers and The War Planners series. He graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2003 and served as a naval officer and helicopter pilot until 2013.