June marked the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts will see above normal hurricane activity this year. In anticipation of the needs of our communities, Amazon is donating 30,000 tarps to the American Red Cross—enough to fulfill the Red Cross’s entire forecasted need over the next year.
After disasters, tarps are often one of the most-requested relief items by those impacted and have many uses, from covering holes in roofs or broken windows to providing a clean place to dry or sort items. Amazon is also donating over 175,000 shelter supplies, including hygiene products, bedding, cleaning supplies, mobility support devices, snacks, and more.
An image of several white pales lined up. The pales have the Red Cross logo on them, and all of them have various cleanup items like brooms, sponges, and gloves on them.
In addition to disaster relief work, Amazon also helps support the Red Cross’s blood collection efforts. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood, and the Red Cross provides 40% of this blood. In 2023, Amazon was a top blood drive sponsor for the Red Cross. Amazon employees have supported 329 blood drives, collecting 7,813 lifesaving units of blood in 31 states. This year, Amazon plans to conduct blood drives at more than 100 additional sites.
“Mission Leaders like Amazon are vital to our work, helping drive innovation across our organization, providing capacity to respond immediately in times of crisis and supporting lifesaving blood services," said Trevor Riggen, president of Humanitarian Services for the American Red Cross. “We are profoundly grateful for their remarkable generosity—especially their donation of tarps and other critical relief supplies this year—which safeguards our ability to care for those in need when the unthinkable happens."
The American Red Cross plays a vital role in helping communities prepared for and recover from disasters big and small throughout the year, and part of this critical work includes ensuring the availability of disaster relief items when they are needed at a moment’s notice. Long-time partner Amazon has worked closely with the Red Cross over the years to donate vital relief items.
"Helping communities prepare for and overcome natural disasters is a key part of Amazon's commitment to being a good neighbor," said Abe Diaz, head of Amazon Disaster Relief. “With hurricane season upon us, we're glad to support the critical work of organizations including the American Red Cross by donating tarps and relief supplies as we work to help communities when they need it most.”
Disaster Relief by Amazon was started in 2017 with the vision of applying Amazon’s global logistics capabilities to provide the fast, effective aid where it’s needed most. Since 2017, Amazon has donated more than 24 million relief items to support people impacted by over 160 disasters around the world. To speed up our relief efforts, Amazon launched its first Disaster Relief Hub in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021. Disaster Relief Hubs are designated disaster-relief sections inside select Amazon fulfillment centers. These prepositioning hubs are strategically located in areas that help us meet the needs of our partners. Amazon now has 13 hubs across the Australia, Germany, India, Japan, and the U.S.
So far this year, Amazon has provided support to communities for 16 natural disasters including the earthquake in Japan and the recent floods in Brazil.