For many kids, an Amazon Kids device would be the first piece of technology that’s truly theirs and perhaps their first foray into the digital world. The team at Amazon Kids takes that responsibility very seriously and works hard to ensure kids enjoy a safe, entertaining, and educational experience for all the years they enjoy their devices—while giving the grown-ups in their lives peace of mind.
Available with all Amazon devices, Parent Dashboard makes it easy for parents and guardians to create profiles for up to four children, configure settings, set screen time limits, create educational goals, view usage history, and find age-appropriate books, apps, games, videos, Alexa skills, and other content. Parents can use Amazon’s Parent Dashboard on their mobile device or the web to easily curate a digital experience for their kids that aligns with their own parenting styles.
With a huge array of hardware available for kids, it can be a little dizzying knowing where to start. Here’s a breakdown of the Amazon devices built just for kids. These all come with our Amazon Kids+ content service plus a two-year worry-free guarantee: If it breaks, return it, and Amazon will replace it.

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Fire Kids and Fire Kids Pro tablets
An image of an Amazon Kids device.

A tablet is often the first device kids use to explore the digital world. Fire 7 Kids, Fire HD 8 Kids, and Fire HD 10 Kids feature colorful graphics and a big bumper to protect from drops for kids ages 3-7. The numbers correlate to screen size (7 inches, 8 inches or 10 inches). All are available with up to 32GB of storage and come in a range of bright colors.

For slightly older kids (ages 6-12), Fire HD 8 Kids Pro and Fire HD 10 Kids Pro have faster processors and built-in controls to help filter out inappropriate sites while giving kids more autonomy to download content using the digital app store (with parent approval). Through Parent Dashboard, parents and guardians can also determine their child’s level of web access—expanding the scope as the child matures.

Echo Kids and Alexa for Kids
An image of an Amazon Kids device.

Kids love interacting with Alexa; in fact, they ask Alexa more than 20 million questions a month!Echo Dot Kids, Echo Show 5 Kids, and Echo Pop Kids areAlexa-powered devices specifically designed for kids. With child-friendly interaction right out of the box, these devices offer music with explicit-lyric filtering, kid-friendly responses, bedtime stories, jokes, homework help, and more—all in fun designs kids love. The Echo Dot Kids comes in cute, colorful designs (owl, dragon), and the Echo Pop Kids comes in two Disney-themed designs: Disney Princess or Marvel Avengers. Parents and guardians have the option to create a Voice and Visual ID for Kids, so Alexa will recognize an enrolled child’s voice or image and deliver personalized, age-appropriate experiences on Echo devices throughout the home.

Kindle Kids
An image of an Amazon Kids device.

Since the debut of the first Kindle Kids, kids have logged nearly 4 billion minutes of reading time on their Kindle devices. Kindle Kids and Kindle Paperwhite Kids (waterproof) are exclusively designed for reading, without any distractions from apps, videos, or games. With the included Amazon Kids+ content service, kids can access thousands of books from timeless classics to newer, popular page-turners. In fact, when a kid sits down with their Kindle, they read on average more than an hour a day, making Kindle Kids the perfect reading companion for kids ages 7-13.

Regardless of which device you choose, you can trust that you’ll get robust parental controls and, through Amazon Kids+, thousands of fun and educational books, games, apps, podcasts, videos, and Alexa skills the whole family can enjoy together.
“If a family is inviting us into their home by purchasing one of our devices or services, they’re ultimately trusting us with their child's time,” said Monte Babington, who leads content and child engagement for Amazon Kids. “Their time spent with Amazon Kids should be time well spent.”
For more than a decade, Amazon Kids has earned a place in the homes and lives of tens of millions of families that laugh, love, and learn with educational, enriching, and fun content on devices customers trust.
Amazon Kids+ is available in Canada, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the U.S. Kids and families can use Amazon Kids+ across compatible Echo, Fire tablet, Fire TV, Kindle, Android, and iOS devices.